Wither the Royals.

Happy New Year everyone, hope that everyone’s expectations were realised. We had a quiet night in for a change and it was very pleasant in front of the fire watching TV programmes pretending it was New Year’s Eve, more travelling in hyperreality. Anyone make any resolutions? I remember one new year my youngest brother Jason asking what mine were, I glibly answered to get a hole in one and appear in the main match on Rugby Special, both happened within a few months and it freaked me out a little that I had that power!

Felt better yesterday, pain reduced and dared to think that things were on the up. Feeling more tired today and mucally disappointed. Yesterday the almost constant stream of mucus my throat produces was suddenly not sticky, this sticky mucus is particularly unpleasant. Today it’s sticky again. But I slept well again, getting more into REM territory, just a shame that everybody hurts.

Well, first hangover free New Year’s Day for many a year. Both Kate and I fancied a drink last night, so we did finishing off some cannabis infused milk.

Love this: Barney Ronay defined God Save the Queen sung by England fans as: ” a plea to an entity that doesn’t exist to preserve one that shouldn’t “.

Off to have a shower now to see if a bit of water therapy can stimulate the writing muse.

So they’re off and the next few weeks will be fascinating in the lead up to the Greek election. Already it’s the ‘poor German taxpayer’ who will be hit if the Greeks default on their debts, note not the banks or other rich institutions. Dire warnings about what might follow the election of a Syriza led government, thinly veiled treats that there might be some sort of takeover/coup (something not unknown of in Greece). If this did pan out then it would be interesting to see how the EU, USA, NATO etc would react to uphold freedom and democracy?

One of the main reasons the BBs and their lackeys will want to prevent Syriza is that they are at last offering some alternative to the gloom that is austerity and the narrative that it was the kleptos, BBs and others who caused the crash, not the greedy and feckless poor, and the labour party of course

Last year (2014) was the anniversary of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists and some letters in The Grauniad were wondering why there had been no celebrations, People wrote in describing various celebrations, so there had been some. For those who’ve never heard of it it’s an explicit book about capitalism written by Robert Tressell (not his real name, took this name from trestle table as he was a painter and decorator) and is viewed as a classic of working class literature. Kate and I saw a play In Corfe Castle a few years ago based on the book and it’s clear and simple messages still apply today. Felt good watching the play in little old Corfe Castle, a bastion of old style tory England.

So let’s hear it for our wonderful royal family:

Manifesto 51:

  • Don’t make resolutions which  are often not kept, instead create your own manifesto and use this to underpin your life.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Wither the Royals.

  1. A hearty hale and heartwarming new year for you both, full of easing and smoothing.

    A propos earlier blogs; did you see the grauniad piece on what’s happening in Paris – not quite robin hood nor what London needs (ie rent capping and residential qualifying criteria for both buying and renting), but a move in the right direction – come on Ed, try to be brave – your older brother can’t beat you up any more…

    “Paris city authorities are attempting to wrest back control of thousands of council-owned homes, many of them in the French capital’s most exclusive areas, that have been let for decades at below market rents to wealthy and well-connected tenants.
    Some of the apartments were reportedly given to politicians, their family members and friends more than 30 years ago by the city’s then centre-right mayors.

    With property prices and rents rising to beyond the reach of ordinary Parisians, the Socialist mayor, Anne Hidalgo, is determined to free up more council housing.
    As well as a pledge to build more council homes, an audit has been carried out of 39,000 properties, owned and maintained by City Hall, known as “free rent” housing and outside official control.
    Ian Brossat, city deputy mayor in charge of housing, told the Guardian: “This is a bizarre situation where these properties are not technically part of the social housing stock. We have applied to get back 3,400 of them this year and we will continue until all 39,000 are under our control. We are targeting those in the more chic areas of Paris because that is where we believe there is the most abuse.
    “We are determined about this. It is not a witch-hunt but we have to make the occupation of these properties more moral.”

    May your swallowing parts extend with the daylight, and your New Year dryness have been inspiring and worthwhile – your and Kate’s fortitude on the wagon has been one of the many most admirable actions on this almost impossibly difficult ride. BRAVO!
    love from us all – Jo and her 3 boys. xxx


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