Debunking the special one.

Well it certainly feels like my body is on the mend, although no chickens are being counted or eaten just yet. But I have been eating very small amounts of mashed up solids; yesterday a little roast potato, swede and gravy and I thought I could taste it. So far no coughing fit has ensued, just some pain and the feeling that something’s stuck in my throat.

Brief alarm yesterday when I went to start my drug/nutrition procedure as there was blood around the peg, being a bit braver now I had a close look, cleaned it up and just seems to be from a small nick on the side of the entry hole, how Nick got there I’ve no idea but seems OK now.

Sleep still improving, pain lessening, but that’s enough, need to keep some sort of balance here.

My voice is returning although still quiet and sore if I speak too much. Thought about that bollocks about how much communication is non-verbal. The oft quoted ”  55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken.” comes from studies in 1967 by Mehrabian and co and time it was debunked. As someone who’s been voiceless for the last few days the idea that only 7% of communication is verbal is preposterous, any of you want to give it a go not talking and you’ll soon agree with me. It’s the other way round, at least 90% of communication is verbal or uses words through signing, writing or other systems such as braille. Time we gave this little number the finger.

My old friend Oliver Burkemann specialises in debunking and lately had a little go at detoxing which gets lots of coverage at this time of year. One of the reasons I like Mr Burkemann is that he debunks with evidence not just, as so many of us do, because we have different beliefs. I know I’ve pissed many people off when, after they’ve made some assertion or other and I ask them, ever so politely, whether they have any evidence to support their claim. Now detoxing, abstaining from alcohol and our livers. It is the liver’s job to get rid of toxins so going for a month without alcohol has no particular benefits for the liver, once it’s got rid of any of the seasonal excesses, it just twiddles it’s lobules waiting for the next toxins. What would be better for the liver is giving it more regular breaks, say between 1 a.m. and 6 p.m. each day or even a whole day or three each week.

Good to see in that land of opportunity where dreams can come true they might be for someone who’s had to battle against all the odds throughout his life and may yet become president, yep Jeb Bush is preparing to throw his stetson in the ring. So we could have Bush v Clinton for the presidency. He’s in the process of resigning from various corporate boards and private equity interests, how many for fuck’s sake? Sums much of my ranting up really, there is absolutely no meritocracy just a rapidly entrenching kleptocracy.

City Link, one of now numerous delivery firms has just gone bust. No details yet but who will lose financially from this the directors or/and the workers? Don’t bother even thinking about the answer, the company have already ruined thousands of workers’ christmas and the families who didn’t get their deliveries. So many delivery companies now, sat in my front room I witness an array of different vans and lorries pulling up outside. All these delivery companies competing with each other, driving down workers pay and conditions and the bosses leeching all they can steal. I’ve an idea (nicked it from a letter in today’s paper), we could have a national company covering all deliveries, no need for a number of different vans/lorries so reducing pollution, waste,etc and increasing efficiency and they could all be my favourite colour……………red.

All this way through and I’ve not come close to mentioning that heartening event from last night. It is so very funny watching the ‘special one’ fulminating against events that conspire against him and his team, the twat. Only watched the highlights but seemed like a quite exciting event and I’m pleased for Mike and his fellow spurs supporters as they embark on another false dawn. But self realisation begins to dawn on this keyboard tap artist that of course he too, despite professing otherwise, is sucked into the opiate. No more………………………………..but, hee hee chelski lost.

Manifesto 52:

  • all claims, assertions etc put into the public domain and the like to come with evidence. To give people a good idea just listen to IDS talking and how often he just uses “I believe” to back up his arguments and how a decent interviewer just needs to persist with asking him for any actual, checkable evidence.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Debunking the special one.

  1. No false dawns for us. The cockerel crows on sweet mornings like these then goes back to sleep and dreams of a world without sly old foxes such as the Specious One and Bacon Face. (Gamey Minds).
    We know our place in the financial hierarchy, however, playing 4 kids from the Youth Academy that cost £23.56 was brave and must have riled Oli Garch. just nice every now and again to see that money can’t buy you love or the result. As Neil Young sang : ‘ you are like Harry Kane …..there’s calm in you eyes, Jose’s getting blown away…..etc.
    Glad to hear about your gradual improvements all round. It’s a new dawn, a new day.
    Keep on…….
    Mauricio Pocketino x


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