Let’s have a Poundland in Poundbury.

Bit of a drab sunday and I easily had my best night’s sleep yet, one hit of almost 6 hours, loads of REM there so everyone looks shiny and happy.

Now this balanced approach which I’m trying to achieve, with it’s subtle and ineffable nuance can be hard to achieve. Yesterday was a good example. The overall pain level is down, likewise feelings of detachment and discombobulation and I’m beginning to swallow and have some taste. After many long weeks of increasing pain, discomfort and testing of fortitude it is entirely understandable that these initial signs of improvement can cause some sense of euphoria. It was in this context that I went through the house last night looking for a chocolate. Sensibly avoided opening a new box and plumped for a galaxy from an opened box of celebrations. I stuffed it all in my mouth and it tasted nothing like galaxy chocolate should but I chewed and swallowed and contained my disappointment.

Later Jaike extolled the taste of cold fried potato, I couldn’t resist going straight to a cold roast potato and taking a bite, chewing briefly and swallowing. It really hurt my throat, it still hurts.

I have a moustache growing, also some other random areas of my face have bits of growth.

Crap horse selection yesterday, wiped out the week’s slowly accumulated gains.

The other day my mother said “the BBC are socialist”, “why do you think this?” asked I. Unfortunately whenever I look to gain any deeper understanding with my mother obfuscation, denial and avoidance immediately kick in. I pursued this one though and eventually she said she got it from sky news. Cue Duncan rant about Murdoch, media monopolies and manipulation of public opinion, I never learn but can’t help myself.

Earlier today I watched a youtube clip of a debate about national identity, on the panel were Laurie Penny and David Starkey. At one point he stood up and stood right in front of Laurie Penny, jabbed his finger at her face and spoke very aggressively at her. A good example of our tolerance and respect of others. He really is an odious little man. Laurie was not supported by anyone on the platform and whenever she remarkably calmly tried to answer the odious one’s criticisms of her she was shouted down.

To some extent this reflects one of Noam Chomsky’s arguments about how Western media manipulates and controls any debate. Whenever anyone who has an alternative view tries to express it they are then subjected to a range of brief, soundbite friendly assertions that easily chime with the dominant narrative. Starkey used this against Laurie Penny very effectively. To try and articulate alternatives is an uphill struggle because of the many forces arrayed against the protagonists. If any of you listen to the Today programme in the morning and they have say a union person, or a feminist or an economist with alternative views just listen to how the interviewers (especially Humphries) regurgitate the prevailing mantras. What they certainly don’t do is encourage the interviewee to expand or elucidate their arguments. And whenever an interviewee may start to get the upper hand that old fall back of ‘we’ve run out of time’ is so readily used.

Writing of the old socialist BBC see that they are under some pressure from Charlie and his team to not show a documentary ‘Reinventing the Royals’. Now the BBC has it’s corporate tongue way up the royal arse, just listen to whichell’s absolutely uncritical wittering. Even a republican such as I recognises that benefit recipient in chief Liz has done quite a good job. After her uncle, Edward VIII, was forced to abdicate for his nazi tendencies and interference in politics Liz has kept herself away from interfering. Not so Chuck who has opinions about so much and interferes too much, he should not be allowed to abuse his position and inflict his narrow, ill thought out prejudices on others. Nick Cohen writes: “Unfortunately you never see intelligence and our future sovereign in the same room”. Have any of you been to Poundbury in Dorchester? It’s a development on land owned by Chas which uses HRH’s preferred architectural styles, you drive round and it feels weird and alien and that if anyone actually lives there they must be Stepford types. Jonathan Meades (another of my heroes) described poundbury thus:   “a Thomas Hardy theme park for slow learners”.

Still, the sooner Chazza becomes king the sooner the Republic will follow.

And what of his brother Eddie baby?

Manifesto 54:

  • After giving Chaz a few years the majority realise we need a grown up republic, build a royal theme park on The Isle of Wight where they can all live and bring in a few bob for the country. All their properties to be converted into housing for valuable public sector workers. All their land (apparently the queen is by far the largest landowner in the world) to be turned over to the people for improvement of the common wealth.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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