Detox special: give up the gargoyle.

Not such a good night, woke up with the usual dry mouth and some pain, had some mouthwash and then had the worst coughing fit yet. This developed into very painful retching with nothing coming up, something at the back of my throat was being very irritable. No REM dreams last night.

Kate had the day off today and we’d planned to do some shopping in Bournemouth, neither of us was at all rested but decided we’d go thinking the outing would perk us up. Kate left me in Waterstone’s to use book tokens school had given me a while ago. After a few minutes browsing I needed to defecate, good timing as I’ve been constipated for a while now. As anyone knows it can be a very painful experience defecating for the first time after a period of constipation so the prospect of having to do this in a Waterstone’s toilet was unappealing but necessary. Sadly it also seriously reduced browsing time. Anyway, chose William Gibson’s latest, The Emperor of all Maladies (thank you Richard) and Kate spotted a Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable in the sale section.

The Emperor of all Maladies is written by Siddharta Mukherjee and is a biography of cancer. After not wanting to read about the crabby subject I now find myself moving on a little, not feeling so scared and thinking I’d like to know a little more, especially as it becomes ever more universal and I’m getting a certain amount of insight.

How much mucus can one throat produce?

Hitchens mentioned about his body being ‘denatured’ by his cancer treatment. Yvonne mentioned that her mother, she’s had breast cancer, felt she had lost her sexuality as a result of treatment. When I wrote about losing my hair it includes nose, ear and body hair. Our bodies are second nature to us, we feel them intimately every time we wash and touch them ourselves in different places. Even though it’s been quite a few weeks now it still feels very strange touching areas that were previously hairy and are now smooth and hairless. Denatured indeed.

Taking the piss out of useless electronic  gizmos such as the ‘selfie stick’ Charlie Brooker made up some of his own. One of them is total farage plus: a chip inserted in your brain that photoshops an image of farage into everything you look at. Now this is really dystopian and frightening. Apparently the grinning gargoyle has given up drinking alcohol for January, I for one would be more than happy if everyone gave him up for January, and February, and March, in fact for all time.

So for many years we’ve had this mantra of reducing taxes for the rich and the corporations so they can then get on with creating jobs. Surely by now we should be awash with jobs. Oh we are, with service or servant jobs. Never have so many been duped by so few.

Anyone watch the new Foyle’s War the other night? What an excellent drama with superb writing by Horowitz. So much good drama on telly nowadays: Broadchurch, all the Nordic Noir, Engrenages back on Saturday, and did you see Mapp and Lucia? I take back what I wrote about communication the other day, they used the most body language and facial expression I’ve ever seen in a production other than in mime shows. Knocked that crass class bollocks downton into a cocked hat, whatever that means. And Death in Paradise back this week!

At last a response on the letters page of the Grauniad to that twat alun jones and his having a go at Labour for re-opening the 70’s class war with suggestions of reducing private schools tax breaks. I especially liked the sardonic one stating that it’s so obvious when pointed out how private schools are the victims in a class war.

Manifesto 56:

  • No more messing about with team kit designs, have you seen some of the Harlequin strips lately?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Detox special: give up the gargoyle.

  1. Two steps forward and the occasional ones back. We’re all still with you keeping keeping on, challenges changing… some maybe interesting responses here:, and of course there is significant loss, Kubler-Ross’s stages of response to loss has not yet been bettered: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression Acceptance. These are not necessarily experienced in order and sometimes not all are felt, but recognising them can reassure that current feelings will change and eventually resolve. I wonder which you are at in relation to taste; can one bargain, maybe with the crab, about hair? But we do note that one thing you have not lost is your dignity through all this, even though it might feel different to you, from our perspective your honour is well intact. Hurrah for blogging I guess we should say, even though until now I have resisted them like the plague – who has time for such idle nosiness I wondered. I do now; well one or two anyway.

    Depressed myself yesterday, at the prospect of an overwhelming majority for torykip with the demise of labour in scotland. The Greens are too quiet for comfort. xx


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