Laugh at the fuckers.

Awoke with the usual sore throat but felt different, not the actual throat or the pain more a whole body feeling. I felt like I would have done in my pre-crabby days, as if it were a normal sore throat ill feeling. Not going to read too much into this but it is interesting to note.

Whilst lying abed the peg was performing a paso doble, felt weird but suddenly I thought that maybe it’s a rumbling stomach and it wants food. Cooked myself a one egg cheese omelette which I swallowed with some pain but no coughing or other after effects. Back in bed writing and not even the briefest pogo from the peg.

Evil twats in Paris. I think the response should be as Steve Bell does in today’s Grauniad and treat them with contempt, disrespect and ridicule:

Steve Bell 08.01.15

What is often such a release when we experience bad things? Why humour of course, such as the black humour of the surgeon, it is a means of coping in bad times and makes us feel better. In this case it also really pisses the bad fuckers off, it is a way we can get back at those who would impose themselves on the rest of us. I’ve already written about the dearth of satire on TV, now we need it more than ever with such ‘terrorism’, and with our political leaders as well. And I’m not thinking about the tawdry way our media belittles such folk as Millibean, but sharper, funnier and more deserving satire.

Which is much the same way we should treat cameron and co generally but certainly with regard to the NHS. They are blatantly lying and desperately trying to throw up various smokescreens to cover up what they have been doing, are doing and plan to do with the NHS. After promising no major top down reorganisation leading up to the last election, on gaining power they immediately embark on doing so with a particularly destructive reorganisation that embeds competition and privatisation. They cut NHS spending and force cuts. For example cutting council social care funding so that there are increasing old folk taking up beds and GP funding so people are more likely to go to A and E rather than see their GP.

So A and E is ‘suddenly’ in crisis. This was entirely predictable and so is the tory response blaming drunks, people expecting ‘immediate’ treatment and claiming through blatant lies to have increased spending and doctor and nurse numbers.

Of all the ‘developed nations’ we have the most efficient and cost-effective health system in the world, certainly way better than the much more expensive, far more inefficient and vastly unequal health system in the USA. But this is what the kleptos and BBs want with cameron and co as frontmen. They should be shown up and held in absolute contempt for what they are doing. Are you actually aware of the number of contracts already awarded to tory supporting companies? Beardy branson predictably already has his grubby fingers bin the pie.

What continues to really piss me off is the so often repeated mantra of private good, public bad. With the NHS we very clearly have an example, especially when compared with the USA, of how this mantra is false. We are being totally ripped off and it’s time things started to change before it’s too late and the self-perpetuating oligarchy that’s developed in the last 30 years complete their job. Hurl those pitchforks.

On a lighter note that needs little satirical addition, prince andrew.

More satire: lansley, he of the NHS reforms, has been put forward by cameron to be the United Nation’s (just keeping their capitals) ‘humanitarian chief’.

Is it time to start categorising economics in the same category as astrology?

I mentioned Ulrich Beck yesterday, apparently he’d taken to calling Germany’s Chancellor Merkiavelli, wonder why?

Anyway here’s an image of andrew that’ll cheer you up:

Manifesto 57:

  • satirists to be brought into the mainstream rather than being marginalised.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Laugh at the fuckers.

  1. Yes, the belltoon is brave today. You are so right about the ‘private good, public bad’ mantra…..a lie persistently infiltrated into every corner and facet of public life ever since someone in Thatcher’s ghastly retinue thought it up. Malicious, exploitative, untruthful, insidious……pernicious in every way. All so the carpet baggers can have more, more, more…….


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