Jeremy Hunt the ****.

Easily longest sleep yet, it was like nightswimming.

Throat feels even more sore today, still taking full dosage of painkillers, may consider reducing next week if pain levels start diminishing.

Really like peace piece Jo, Kate did as well.

In the Grauniad  today is a diary kept by a senior registrar over one night he worked in accident and emergency. Overall it is a very poignant, moving and revealing piece. It also affords me an opportunity to create an I-poem:

I start work

I cannot divert more doctors

I need them with me

I could be a dermatologist

I wouldn’t be making life and death decisions every shift

I have to decide which of the sick patients

I’m the only senior doctor on duty tonight

I still haven’t had a break

I’m tired and hungry

I want to ask him why

I just want to crawl home to bed

I see a man arriving

I’m starting to see why

Powerful eh? And yes cameron it is a war after you complain about Milliband saying he’ll “weaponise the NHS”. Unfortunate wording maybe but I for one will accept his sentiments and the doctors words are from the frontline of accident and emergency. It is struggling because of actions and decisions made by cameron and his government. They are waging war against the majority of this country in the name of the kleptos, BBs and others who want to extract, thieve and extort as much as they can. Which side are you on?

Oh by the way since cameron’s mob rule began many A and E units have been closed.

Hot press update on private good public bad mantra. Circle, a private healthcare company, have pulled out of running Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Two years ago they were the first private company to take over an NHS trust hospital and already they are pulling out. Why? Because easy profits are not there for them to cherry pick, they simply pull out and who has to ‘pick up the tab’? Oh the crappy state. So we clearly see how the kleptos and BBs plans for turning Britain’s health service american style will work. Private good public bad.

There is also some deeply fucked irony with all this as the tories have attempted to pave the way for full privatisation of the NHS (continuing on from bliar). This is summed up better than I with this comment: “What we learn is that the Tories “reform” has put so much extra burden on a private operator that they can no longer afford to chuck money at it. This is a huge scandal – Hunt and Lansley should be nailed to the wall for the damage and cost they are responsible for. We cannot afford their incompetence any longer.”

So cameron is threatening to pull out of the TV election debates if the Greens aren’t included. What a principled man he is, thinking about the poor old Greens and their under-representation.

Manifesto 58:

  • no one should work unpaid overtime, just take the kleptos lead.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Jeremy Hunt the ****.

  1. Dunc
    The acute A&E problem as described in the Guardian, is systemically caused by insufficient funding of the NHS, and welfare, plus an ageing population. Additionally, the improved pay and conditions for GPs mean that they don’t work nights or weekends any more. Research shows that the 9.6% of GDP that’s spent on the NHS is more efficient than most comparable countries.
    But if the budget for Welfare and NHS was increased, how would that be paid for? You cannot run the finances for anything if you spend more than you have, i.e. keep increasing debt, because one day the whole thing will collapse and then there would be no money for welfare or NHS.

    Its always important to form views from facts, not prejudice, so I’ve pulled some information together, below. I hope you find it interesting.

    Having read the websites below, the Jeremy Hunt dialogue in Hansard and read generally around the subject, my conclusions (generally of course not new ones) are that the NHS needs to:
    find ways to be more efficient and effective with existing spend, for example by switching use of resources to 24/7. It is madness to not use operating theatres outside 9-5, weekdays. Consultants should have their contracts changed to working shifts.
    get people to take more responsibility for their own health, rather than seeing it as the NHS responsibility to fix self inflicted problems, i.e. “If you don’t make the effort to stop smoking/ reduce weight/ exercise then you’ll go to the bottom of the list”
    focus resources more in a smaller number of specialist hospitals that people travel to. Fund that journey for the patient and most immediate relative.
    hire more doctors and nurses from abroad inc. non EU and fast track visas and immigration for them to fix the short term staffing problem (its not about wages, its about supply)
    Increase the number of home-grown doctors and nurses in the medium term
    relax the rules on nursing qualifications to allow older, highly suitable but poorly qualified people to become nurse assistants
    re-introduce matrons
    change the role of A&E back to true A&E, but increasing the ‘Out of Hours’ resource to compensate.
    punitively charge drunks for each visit to A&E or ‘Out of Hours’ to get income and reduce demand. Maximum 2 non-drunk people accompanying any adult A&E patient from 7pm to 5am , by law (drunks often arrive with all their mates and disrupt A&E). Require the police to enforce it (make them provide an officer in A&E during those hours).
    Here are a few websites that provide the key data from which people can have an informed view:-

    The NHS is in better shape than the press would have us think (2014):

    Health represents 18% of UK Government spend (2011 data):

    We spend a little less than comparable countries, per capita (2014):

    We need to reduce government spend to below 40% of GDP, so spending more in any area must be avoided (2014):

    The latest plan is:


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