Be happy

Well yesterday was a red letter day, I ate two meals, drank regularly, had no fortisips through my peg, could taste most of what I ate and drank, felt much more part of the social world and happier. We celebrated with a bottle of bubbles, although my throat was still sore it felt good.

I’m not ‘eating normally’, in that I have to eat carefully and quite slowly, probably a good thing as in my previous life I did tend to eat too quickly (probably a hangover from being in  family of four boys and if you didn’t eat quick you could easily miss out). Writing of hangover poor Kate has a headache this morning after her first drink for a while, but she was very excited at the prospect of and enjoyed the drinking of.

During yesterday afternoon I felt my mood lifting; after living such a denuded existence exacerbated by it being over the festive season it felt good to be able to experience the simple pleasures of life: talking, eating, drinking, tasting and not to be in frequent pain and discomfort. There is still quite a way to go, my throat is still very sore, my body weak and hairless (not totally so but quite a bit) but I feel that I’ve taken the first big step to recovery.

There is, of course, still hanging over me whether all this incredibly invasive treatment has actually worked and won’t begin to get any clear idea for a couple of months yet.

Kate was getting a little upset last week about the state of our house, it is getting a little worn looking. I think it not mere coincidence that as I’ve started feeling better Kate’s been thinking and doing things to change and brighten up the house.

I’ve also started thinking more about my future and today will ‘plant’ my first mushroom spores in coffee grounds collected from the local Forte’s cafe as I embark on my mushroom project. Next week I’ll do my unction business plan, and have to decide on domain name, thanks again for all your previous votes and suggestions.

Tonight we’re off to a party for a friend’s 50th in a big house in the country. Birthday girl wants people purple and sparkly so I’m colouring my hair and adding sparkly gel.

No rants today and thanks Martin for your fulsome NHS stuff, anyone else care to comment before I do? Actually some of it is eminently sensible.


  • give someone close to you today a hug and do something randomly happy with stranger.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

One thought on “Be happy

  1. When watching liveaid (the original one) I still remember seeing a queue of people waiting to be fed. There was a group of 3 women laughing about something. What that said to me was that happiness is a state of mind not connected to circumstances.


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