Oily austerity

Some pain last night and also some mental anguish. Last week I experienced what seemed to be some rapid improvement as I recovered my voice and swallowing. This week it has been gradual, barely noticeable improvements, and it is this that has deflated me somewhat. Eating and drinking remain painful, taste is intermittent and variable, pain comes and goes and fatigue dominates. Underlying is the thought that it will be over two more months before we have a result as to how the treatment has gone, it’s a long time to wait especially after such invasive and painful treatment.

Mark and Martin’s arrivals are imminent, it will be great to see them but I worry that I will not have the energy to do their visit justice. Silly I know, but that is how I feel.

Our kitchen is looking so much better now, mainly due to Kate’s efforts. She pointed out yesterday that this is the first time either of us has lived long enough in one place to warrant a second round of decoration. I suspect that we are typical of many people nowadays in that we rarely stay in one place for long (I know it’s a generalisation, and that there are also many who have had at least three decorative cycle habitations).

So the oil price, seems like it’s a response from many of the big oil producers to the yanks suddenly becoming self-sufficient through fracking. To keep their market share OPEC countries, especially Saudi Arabia are prepared to keep dropping the price. There are and will be significant consequences, some unforeseen, but the petrol heads and oil nuts should not be allowed to put pressure on governments to reduce renewables.

Come on you Syriza, ignore the threats of the austerity bullies. Apparently when the crash happened the big boy countries like Germany, France and us sorted themselves big money bailouts. Then when the smaller countries like Greece asked for some of the same they were told no but they could have the loans they were given with the austere strings attached. Unfair or what, and compounded by the propaganda hurled at them by the big countries. Support Syriza and hopefully they can show the bullies up for what they are and the austerity bollocks for what it is.

Have to go now so a quick graphic:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


One thought on “Oily austerity

  1. Duncan,

    Don’t think about your recovery in straight lines my friend, not much in the universe works that way! Think about a spiral of recovery, sometimes curving quickly upwards sometimes seemingly in reverse ….. But always strongly spiralling outwards and….onwards!


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