Let’s have some sport with the kleptos.

Sat recovering after a very full day yesterday. Mark and Martin visited and I managed to last the pace. Went to the pub first to play pool: Mark’s always been a cute cueist and he played with Martin who’s risen through the pool ranks in Essex and now plays for Essex All Stars in the World Series 8 league, so Kate and I were really up against it. Both of us being very rusty predictably went 2-0 behind. But then the beer kicked in, the old fluency returned and we reeled off 3 wins to pip the favourites.

We stayed in the pub awhile and had an ‘old folk’s’ session drinking half pints pretty slowly whilst putting the world to rights. On to Tawny’s for a meal then back home to play a board game called Therapy’. I lasted until midnight and am paying for it somewhat today, no hangover but then we hadn’t drunk a great deal. It was a good tonic for this crabby soul.

Eating and drinking certainly getting less painful, had bacon butty and toast and marmalade craving so far today. Both tasted OK and weren’t disappointing, which was good.

So land, particularly land commandeered by the rich for their private, exclusive and expensive pleasures. First up something I haven’t written about yet, a little surprising as it’s a game I really enjoy and am looking forward to playing again when I’m not so fatigued and that’s golf. I realise many of you will think what’s a left wing class warrior such as Duncan doing playing such an elitist game? Well I enjoy the actual game, love the mental side to it (every shot is a discrete event is on of my epithets) and I would never be a member of a golf club, I hate all the ridiculous and petty rules and etiquette that abound around the game. But this is peripheral to the fact that there are already and more golf courses planned in areas of the world where they shouldn’t be. This includes countries where very few, if any, of the locals will or do play such as Vietnam, Croatia and Indonesia.

One thing all golf courses need is a large amount of water, OK in places like Scotland and Wales where it rains a lot but in places like Dubai? Not only do they use up local water supplies but they can pollute water supplies. Now considering that forthcoming meeting of the kleptos and BB’s at Davos which has top of it’s environmental risks impact water supplies it seems madness to simple folk like I to allow this sort of shit to happen. But when you have hair-brained idiots like donald trump as one of the main protagonists taking over and developing these monstrosities whilst subverting whatever local democracy there might be just for the delectation of a few kleptos, well, I wonder what will happen? trump also despoils where he goes as he calls everything after himself, so, for example, the historic Turnberry is now trump turnberry. One would think such a title would put most sentient beings off, but then………………

Meanwhile public golf courses in countries such as the USA and Britain struggle and are even closing down, but then us hoi polloi don’t matter, except of course to keep the greens well watered and manicured.

Now the hunting set, particularly those who use guns to kill poor, defenceless animals especially birds in this country. Grouse moors, for example, are large tracts of land used just for the shooting pleasure of the kleptos and ‘landed gentry’. Did you know cameron’s gang recently refused to increase the cost on gun licences, they are £50, it costs the police £196 to run background checks, as the country land and business association say it’s so unfair to pass the cost on to the poor klepto killers unlike say for everyone paying full costs for driving licences. The land owners get large subsidies for their grouse moors from various sources, another example of our fine welfare state. They also don’t like birds of prey on the moors as of course they too will kill grouse, pheasants and other ‘game birds’, and many of these predators are illegally killed so no chance of natural diversity of these tracts of land. And these owners claim to be ‘custodians’ of our natural habitats!  Again all this, and more egregious stuff, is in the interests of a small minority to indulge their killing of animals in the name of ‘sport’.

Now how about a new sport to be played out on these moors involving only unarmed kleptos, any interested hoi polloi and some pitchforks?

It is also the case that more and more of our public spaces in cities are being taken over by the kleptos, not content with stealing more and more money they are stealing more and more of our land.

In the wake of, hopefully, Syriza’s win in Greece and an alternative to the austerity bollocks and neoliberal capitalist shit, perhaps we might also look more into writing off any number of debts, ‘wiping the slate clean’  and setting out in a new direction in which we all have a fairer stake.

Manifesto 63:

  • to get a licence to hunt/have a gun for hunting you first have to go on a course where you are the hunted and being shot at. This to be an annual event.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

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