Flush kleptos down the toilet.

First full day without my peg; it’s a weird thing but when you’ve experienced something for a while and to a large extent adapted yourself to it, when it’s gone it still feels like it’s there. More extreme is when someone loses a limb and still feels it’s there, the neural pathways, or at least the ones left, still behave as if the limb’s there (phantom limb syndrome which is passive proprioreception, just an excuse to write down one of my favourite words). Well, to a much lesser extent I’m experiencing that right now. Also there is the reality that I have a hole in my belly, which is weird.

I am just cooking a paella on our new cooker which has a large burner for woks but seems to work as well with a paellera pan. Hopefully this one will have that prized soccarat (the burnt stuff on the bottom).

We’ve just finished the paella and despite some initial progenic moaning they all tucked in Spanish style i.e. eating straight from the pan and Kate loved the soccarat.

Kate gave me a massage, first one pegless, but it proved a little too painful lying on my belly, my reduced belly. Even so and as ever it was a lovely massage and I fell asleep.

I’m sending out a number invoices to various parents whose children didn’t turn up to a number of my children’s birthday parties, I’ve kept interest to a minimal 5%.

Interesting letter today about toilet seat etiquette, for many years I’ve always left the seat down after use even after only pissing. Now apparently Hollywood gays are being reminded to do the same. But the letter writer thinks the principle should be to leave the seat in the position you used it. His argument is that the ‘seat down’ policy, if we can term it such, means men have to do all the seat moving and women none and this could be deemed discriminatory. Also that it’s an outdated example of good manners and therefore patronising. Now thinking about it I’m of two minds.

Enough, I’ll hear no more about the wonders of the ‘free market’, no such thing is, or has ever existed in the terms described by it’s acolytes and adherents. Karl Polanyi in 1944 argued that; “the road to the free market was opened and kept open by enormous increase in continuous, centrally organised and controlled interventionism (from the state)….Administrators had to be constantly on the watch to ensure the free working of the system” from his book: The Great Transformation. In other words it was ( and still is) the state that keeps the ‘free market’ operating properly. Now look what happens when we have deregulation and incessant calls from the kleptos and BB’s to reduce red tape and government interference as we’ve had over the last 30 years; a fair few market crashes and all can be put down to a lack of proper regulation and the free reign of the kleptos to go about their kleptomania. If anyone out there can argue me otherwise please have a go, but I think the evidence is increasingly evident.

What I want is general acceptance and understanding that the state is not as these greedy fucks portray it and they need regulation for their and everyone’s good. It is still the case that the state is behind much research and development, it is the state that takes the risks, way more than the corporations who continually reduce their research risk yet optimise what they can steal. Trouble is their behaviour will stifle development as they reduce their ‘tax burden’, love the way they use such pejorative language to describe stuff they don’t like.

If one starts to understand this then a different understanding of wealth creation starts to materialise, and it ain’t carpetbaggers like beardy fucking branson who are the wealth creators, they are simply kleptos. Here endeth today’s sermon.

Grace suggested I dye my hair blue so she can call me ‘Papa Smurf’, now I might yet do this as James in my class has a thing about the Smurfs and it tickles me to think about showing up soon at school for a visit with Smurf hair!

I’m increasingly liking Michelle Hanson’s weekly pieces ‘A certain age’. Today she discusses voting or not and asserts that the right wingers always vote, the tories always do as they’re told. Unlike the left wingers who are less likely to vote for various reasons of principle, factionalism, policies being too right/left wing and so on. So the likes of Brand urging people not to vote, whilst having some merit will make it more likely the tory fucks get in.

 Kliban and toilets, hope you can read it.

Manifesto 66:

  • a referendum on toilet seat etiquette.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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