Oh Mandy well, You came and you gave ………….

Little to report on the crab front, still very thick mucus being produced in my throat of which I’m very conscious. It feels almost like wet cement and if it dried it would block my throat. Causes me some anxiety, probably connected to my claustrophobia. Sleeping well and through the night. Bowels, you’ll all be pleased to know, returning to normal.

Planning for celebrations of Kate’s birthday which is this Saturday.

Sorry Mr Ed, I mention mr mandelson on Monday and before you know it he’s having a go at you for the mansion tax. Is he still piqued at his blairite favourite not getting the leadership? He says a change in council tax would be better and there is definitely an argument for updating the bands and rates. Trouble is it’s the inhabitants of properties who pay so all the renters pay but not the rentier landlords and property owners. This means that there is still minimal taxing of property wealth which is what Labour are attempting to do.

And who is mandy to have a pop at the mansion tax? I seem to recall him having to resign over a dodgy mortgage in the 90’s for his Notting Hill pad which he sold to buy his current abode for £8 million, yes that’s right 8, in 2011 and how many of his rich mates have been moaning to him about the mansion tax. What is it about the kleptos that their default reaction is to avoid playing their part in a decent society?

Aaarrggghhh just heard ids on the radio, just hearing him brings me out in a rash. Banging on about improving wages and that the current annual increase is more than inflation so overall more to spend. Is this tacit agreement that in previous years most people’s wages have effectively been decreasing?

Also latest research into the new benefits and sanctions regime is not doing what ids and co claim and that the unemployed are leaving the system and not moving into employment. It seems that the sanctions are not being used as a last resort but a crude (bit like ids in fact, a very crude man) means of reducing money paid out in benefits and unemployment numbers. And it also appears that it is the most vulnerable who are being hit hardest; there are ever increasing numbers who are becoming destitute, resorting to crime and suicide. Those who are responsible for this are evil!

More plagiarism from a letter: “Page 3 goes tits up”, at last despite many such as those on Jeremy Vine’s show yesterday on radio 2 who think it’s political correctness gone mad. I’m afraid that listening to this show is like reading the express or the mail, it is often extremely populist and panders to people’s fears. For example yesterday’s ‘discussion’ about the dangers of sledging, the sliding on snow not the cricket type. A succession of reporters and callers talked about the dangers and various horror stories, the bad accidents are of course very sad and unfortunate but so many have a great deal of fun and even learn about risk and danger at first hand. Bleedin’ political correctness gone mad!

George Monbiot today writes about the very biased reporting of supposedly balanced national broadcasting companies. He begins by relating the story of Amanda Lang, Canada Broadcasting Company’s senior business correspondent. There was a story about some very dodgy banking behaviour unearthed by CBC reporters, lang scuppered the story and then the reporters unearthed how involved lang is with the bank in question. Our own beloved BBC is also very prone to bias, for example Monbiot quotes a study of the Today radio programme in 2008 and it’s reporting of the crash and how contributors and interviewees were almost entirely from the financial sector, any with alternative views were very much in the minority and interviewed in a very biased manner. Subsequent discussions about the deficit and austerity have been likewise dominated by ‘political and economic elites’, any alternative voices are rarely interviewed and if they are they are interviewed in an aggressive manner from the dominant perspective, I’ve written about this before.

Researchers also found that on BBC News at 6 business representatives outnumbered trade unionists by 19:1, unbiased reporting eh?

All part of progress: ” The final stage of untrammelled capitalism is feudalism”. Welcome to serfdom, and don’t forget you can get pitch forks from me.

Manifesto 67:

  • all who complain about mansion tax have to wear a hat like the Mad Hatter with the card showing the value of their property/ies.

Keep on keeping, love Duncan.


One thought on “Oh Mandy well, You came and you gave ………….

  1. Hi Duncan – think your blogs just say it as it is – great! But sorry to hear you have been battling the big C. Both Geoff and I send you our very best wishes. You may remember us from your visit way back to Oz?
    We have fond memories of you.
    Do contact us if you have the time.
    Warmest regards


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