Whitewash and menstruation in sport.

Walked into town and didn’t get too much out of breath. Actually looked at my belly this morning and it does look weird,as if I’ve two belly buttons. Will have to develop a weird story to explain it, any suggestions? I am so looking forward to having a proper bath tonight, my first for almost four months.

Experiencing some jaw/toothache at present, good job I’ve an appointment  with dental person next week, they keep a close eye on your teeth and jaw as they can be damaged by radiotherapy. The list of chemo and radiotherapy side effects is very long.

So who to vote for, as a life long socialist it’s been difficult voting for Labour for many years thanks to bliar and co and has seemed like a negative vote in trying to keep the tory bastards out. I’ve often considered voting Green, actually did so in last European elections. There has been a surge in numbers joining the Greens lately, current total is about 46,000, more than the dodgy liberals and unspeakable ukippers. Now Green policies are far more in tune with my beliefs than the current Labour mob who are cowed by the mail and co (and the blairite rump as exemplified by mandy). But the pachyderm (not another long word Duncan you poncy twat, why can’t you just write normal English) in the room is our ‘first past the post’ system which favours the two main parties.

Quandary, what to do? Right now I feel like voting Green, perhaps we do live in rapidly changing times and with all the social media, and the rise of parties such as Syriza and Podemos cause one to think.

Young Owen Jones argues against voting Green as it will let the tories in and even more of their evil bollocks and those who voted Green will be disillusioned after the election with a tory government. He also argues for Labour to take a different tack and move away from the negative politics of fear and offer more of that hopey stuff (a la Obama) such as renationalising the railways, proportional representation and everyone getting a ‘living wage’ much sooner than Labour’s current proposals. But above all any policy should be based on social justice and the common wealth. I would love to see renationalisation of the railways for many good reasons but mainly to get one over the carpetbagging beardy branson (just think how much of the money he gets from us in subsidies etc so that he can ponce around on necker island). Labour are so much afraid of upsetting the kleptos and BBs, but I agree with young Owen offer up those three things and many like me would have no doubts about voting Labour, come on you Red Ed.

Another beauty from Suzanne Moore, she is rapidly becoming my favourite columnist. In responding to James Blunt’s (only his ignorance keeps his capitalisation) tirade against Chris Bryant she asserts, as I do, that it is the kleptos and posh folk who promote and instigate the politics of envy. It is not the rest of us being envious but rather recognition that there is a large dollop of social injustice going on here with the twats hiding behind there simplistic mantra of ‘the politics of envy’ and the sooner they begin to get this and do the right thing the less the likelihood of pitchforks coming their way.

Also Ms Moore states: “If we were a meritocratic society, we would do away with private education tomorrow”, not soon enough in my book.

What a surprise the Chilcott enquiry delayed again. Keith Flett, the inveterate letter writer, suggests that it is a further example of Jean Baudrillard’s theory of simulcra and simulation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulacra_and_Simulation  further developed with the first Gulf war that something didn’t really happen but was reported as if it had. Hey does the link work? If so I’ve just worked out how to do it, or have I, is it just an example of simulcra and it hasn’t really happened and this blog is some sort of figment. So the second Gulf war didn’t really happen and bliar and bush didn’t lie and stuff.

A first in women’s tennis when Heather Watson put her loss in the first round of the Australian Open down to “just one of those things that I have, girl things”, in other words menstruation. As Annabel Croft said (who has a company selling leakproof underwear called Diary Doll) she was “gobsmacked” as no one had said it publicly before. Probably needs talking about more,

Manifesto 68:

  • (hopefully don’t offend too many of you) Female tennis players to wear red shorts with PMT and during menstruation, maybe they would get more support and maybe some compensation for having to play under such circumstances.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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