Innocent days, eh stuart?

My first proper bath for months last night, I wallowed for quite a while. Read a book for some time until I felt it time to get on with cooking dinner. As I put the book down, and it was a novel that hadn’t triggered any particular thoughts whilst wallowing, I immediately thought I’ve got cancer, or maybe not depending on treatment. It was a thought that wasn’t allied to any particular emotion/s, except perhaps one of equanimity, certainly not sadness, fear or any similar emotion.
I then realised what I’d been missing from my water wallowing and that is that I often do my best thinking when in a warm bath, there must be something in this, some sort of mental hydrotherapy. Spoke about it with Kate and I suggested that maybe it’s as if I’m bathing in amniotic fluid and that this allows relaxation and a freeing of my mental processes. Before I investigate this further do any of you lovely readers have any knowledge of this or is it bollocks?

We’ve just returned from Bridport having met up with Jo, Kate’s sister, and brother in law Den. There was an exchange of presents for it was Jo’s birthday earlier in the week and it’s Kate’s 50th tomorrow. I was relatively quiet, throat hurting a little, but really appreciated my taste returning and enjoyed chocolate cake, coffee, beer and homity pie. The cake was made by the cafe (the Soul Cafe man) and everyone sang happy birthday for Kate.

So, even the OECD, IMF, world bank and the kleptos and co at davos are saying inequality is bad for business and are suggesting tax rises and other equalising things. They are appearing more left wing than the bleedin’ Labour Party, what a sorry state of affairs. And Obama’s state of the nation address was way more left wing than anything Ed and co are saying, there is a very large open goal and they’re passing the ball like Ray fucking Wilkins!

So, farewell king abdullah, you despotic leader of a very dodgy regime. And what are they doing flying flags at half mast in whitehall? Put that in the same box with the decision to allow coca cola to sponsor the London eye and colour corporatise it.

Writing of corporatisation many years ago I was in the Maidstone team for It’s a Knockout. We had Admiral tracksuits but were not allowed to wear the tops because the logo on them was larger than the 2 1/2 inch limit! Different world. Our team was ‘run’ by a tory councillor and we’d been given towels by his company and he instructed us to wave them as the teams ran into the arena during the programme’s introduction. One member of the team didn’t. He got his comeuppance for this pettiness when the programme was shown and the camera zoomed in on his shorter haired female team mate struggling up the slippery slope during an event and the commentator said “and this is Duncan Smith, a student at London University”!

During the entertainment in the evening Martin went up to the scorer, Miss England, and said ” marry me and I’ll show you Wandsworth”. He wasn’t successful but I later saw him leaving with stuart hall.

And farewell leon brittan, did you cover up paedophilic goings on?

Will be a very abbreviated blog tomorrow as it’s Kate’s 50th birthday.

Those were the days, those innocent days.

Manifesto 69:

  • soixante neuf, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Keep on keeping on love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Innocent days, eh stuart?

  1. No bollocks with water! I am often most free and lucid in my creativity while in the bath or shower: the blurred memory of being in the amnios is undoubtedly with us, as our very distant days as creatures of the sea are in our DNA…….only connect, as they say!


  2. Careful with the neunundsechsig, don’t want any more unwelcome crustaceans….

    Lovely to see you eating, drinking, sounding.

    Meanwhile the manifestos are brilliant, condensed essences (tautological..) of the entertainingbutdifficulttoaction rants. What append at the old mens new political party meeting the other week, wasn’t there a plan planned?
    keeping on up the slippery slope behind you, ready to catch you if you stumble. Hope birthday is/was glorious…


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