Hooray for Syriza and away with all titles.

Throat sore, boring. Belly and stomach still readjusting. Jaw and earache a little unsettling. Fatigue reducing slowly. It’s hard to think I’ve still got 2 months before we know the results.

Had family christmas dinner yesterday, felt a little weird but I enjoyed it even if les enfants found it hard to enter into the spirit. Kate had a lovely birthday and spent yesterday recovering, we’ve already marked the new carpet with candle wax. Despite the more ‘grown up’ look of the house we still aren’t very grown up ourselves.

Thinking of being grown up I think that Syriza’s win in Greece can be viewed as a form of growing up. The leader (hope he doesn’t turn into that which most leaders turn into when they achieve power) Alexis Tsipras not only put forward an anti-austerity programme but also targeted corruption and tax evasion. Greece has a long history of a corrupt bunch of kleptos (shipping magnates, bosses of various industries and football club owners) who have avoided paying tax no matter who the government was. They continued in their ways even after the so called troika implemented the ‘bailout’ in 2010 so the repayment burden fell on the workforce. Link this to the increasing ossification of social strata i.e. the kleptos keep themselves and their offspring rich whilst pulling up the ladders which previously allowed some sort  of meritocracy, and it’s been the younger generations in Greece who’ve understood this and overwhelmingly voted for Syriza. As Paul Mason writes these are ‘the networked generation’ and their values are: ‘self-reliance, creativity, the willingness to treat life as a social experiment, a global outlook’.

This is in contrast to the older generation and the kleptos, they tend to look to the ‘old order’ even the extreme right wingery of fascism. It was the politicians in Greece as well as the kleptos who pandered to the fascist golden dawn a few years ago (their vote was well down this time). Now I am well aware that these are generalisations but there is a lot of truth here. And, of course, it’s not really that hard to see similarities in other countries. What do we have in this country: kleptos who avoid tax (the UK is, after all, the actual and spiritual home of tax evasion), older folk who are more likely to vote tory and ucrap, a right wing government who impose nasty shit on the poor, the sick and the disabled. It is the young in this country who are now flocking to the Greens. How much discussion and hand wringing has there been over recent years about the young not voting? As they are increasingly subjected to unemployment, poorly paid jobs, zero hour contracts, expensive and poor housing, massive student debt, and more. That the progeny of the kleptos have such an unfair advantage, meritocracy in the UK r.i.p. Look to Greece and Syriza you young folk, and of course everyone else who believes there is an alternative to the neoliberal bollocks.

So, such a shame to witness all the ucrap turmoil over the weekend as the party’s general secretary, Matthew Richardson, has declared that “there are hundreds of thousands of bigots in the United Kingdom and they too deserve representation”. He attempted to downplay this by saying it was just like “lighthearted harmless banter in the pub”, which, of course, is the grinning gargoyle’s schtick with pint in hand. Now the pub is a great British institution which I love, but I do not like the way that the ucrappers are claiming it for themselves and that they are just places for the great British public to express their bigotry. I claim it for myself and like minded people to express our bigotry about other bigots.

Oh how I wish for some grown up proper debate and instead we get salacious, small-minded, reactionary crap from much of our media. Anyway just came across this quote from John Stuart Mill and it made me chuckle:

“Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.”

I know that my beliefs and thoughts may well be considered naive but I do hope the likes of Syriza and Podemos provide real hope for people and that the tide can be turned against the kleptos and BBs and all their financial alchemy that so dominates modern life.

Anyone else watching Spiral? Brilliant French series on BBC4.

So here’s something currently close to my heart as Oliver Wainwright writes about the science of taste and spoons. Different metals have different tastes and also affects the way that the food on them tastes. The science is that it depends on how easily the metals oxidise, so the easier they oxidise the more atoms are released into your mouth. So some foods are made revolting with certain metals and others enhanced. Silver generally scores low, which is good in my view as it confirms my beliefs about those born with silver spoons.

Manifesto 71:

  • (thanks David), no more titles, everyone called simply by their names. No more sirs, lords, ladies, what a more grown up world it would be.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Hooray for Syriza and away with all titles.

  1. Have I shared this from George Carlin? “You think you have a right to your opinion? Well in that case I have a right to my opinion, no? And my opinion is that you do not have a right to your opinion.” Beautiful. He was making the point that we don’t have rights. It is just another artificial construct, I mean FFS who has the right to grant us rights?? We are all equal and no-one has the right to put their foot on someone else’s neck. Bring it on Nik Bukharin.


  2. Living Within Justice is not Living With Injustice

    D and D (and maybe others) you will, I think, like this blog…
    I do; captures well ho)w we moral equivocators’ can stand beside our angry midaged folk and the refusenik young, with respeck. And no, farridge and george g, you can’t own a word or a pint exclusively.
    In suffrance, though not as uncomfortable as your poor throat probably, J xx


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