First we take Manhattan…

Well, this is new for me lying on a sumptuous (spelt correctly this time) bed in Carey’s Manor Hotel, sipping Cava after a blissful spa time and connected to the interweb writing this blog. Kate just off for a pedicure (thanks Mike and Sal), now she really deserves some pampering. Especially driving with me as a passenger, I’m too censorious, need to sort it out. It is very relaxing here, I love water based therapy.

Think I’m finally getting over stomach peg and accepting second belly button.

Will only be brief today as we want to make most of time here but as we were relaxing in the relaxing area making the most of the drinks available I read (just heard Dylan singing about money swearing, how true) an excellent essay by David Hare. In 1992 he joined the Labour election team and then wrote a play called ‘Absence of War’. It is touring again as it resonates so well with the current state of play, especially the pusillanimity of Milliband and Labour and it’s echoes of 1992 and how Labour has yet to find a resonant voice. Many lines and phrases stood out but this stood out most for me: “The welfare state and NHS, perfectly affordable when the country was desperately poor after the war, we are told, mysteriously unaffordable now that the country is infinitely richer”. Go figure and you will understand how much the kleptos and bb’s have hoodwinked us.

This is why Syriza enervates us lefties so and next up Podemos. When Pablo Iglesias of Podemos was in Athens earlier this week he took the stage to Leonard Cohen’s ‘First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin’, my favourite Cohen song. A clear reference to the IMF and ECB for Syriza and Podemos, but Cohen’s interpretation of the song is malleable and he’s developed it over the years and it is a song we can give our own interpretation, just as they did in Athens and of course Cohen has a strong link with Greece. Just link it to “Democracy” and hey baby, what a pair of contemporary songs you have, Leonard on the board surfing the zeitgeist.

The cava is beginning to talk too much and I need a bath before dinner.

Manifesto 75:

  • every town should have a spa.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “First we take Manhattan…

  1. 1st Feb – Google has poem/script from Langston Hughes, 113 today – ironic that a giant corporate should be quoting justice and equity for all, Who knows, maybe there’s hope.

    Finnish neighbour and I plotting to get communal spa built in Totters – she is amazed that they’re not in every town as in Finland and Germany, charging about 12 euros a day, including a worker.therapist ritually anointing the wood burner with essential oils and wafting the steam around the room and around each person,.. plus an indoor-onto-outdoor heated pool. How and why is it that in little Britain we can’t understand that such publicly accessible affordable amenities are part of a healthy life? Are we so battered into below-stairs acceptance of the elite being the only ones allowed health and wellbeing?

    Glad you’re having some restoration that you both so much deserve. xxx


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