Boycott boots (not the footwear).

No blog yesterday, only the second day I’ve missed, but we were relaxing in the spa and enjoying our time together. It is a lovely spa and it’s great relaxing and feeling really clean. As Jo comments there should be public spas all over the country and why don’t we have them? I’m sure that it’s partly due to our class system, can’t have such luxuries for the oiks.

Had quite a disturbed night last night, I awoke feeling very weird: I was sweating slightly and felt that I was having some sort of mental breakdown. I’ve never had a mental breakdown, at least I’m pretty sure I haven’t, and like Catch 22 if you think you’re having a mental breakdown it means you’re probably not, maybe. There seemed to be really strong edges to what I could see and feel, as well as thinking what I could see was in high definition. All feels very weird.

Carried on feeling weird today, had an early appointment at the hospital for a CT scan of my lungs to see what the things are that they spotted on a scan a couple of months ago.

So, the boss of boots, stefano pessina thinks Labour policies would be ‘bad for business. This pissina is apparently worth £7.5 billion, how did he get so much money? Through hard work, of course, and a good old dose of kleptomania. For example pissing and a bunch called KKR buy old boots for £12 billion in 2007, £9 billion of this is ‘leveraged’ i.e. debt or loans. pissing puts in £1.25 billion of his ‘own’ money. The new owners tart up the business and do modern business type stuff such as demanding longer credit times with their suppliers and moving head office to Switzerland and pay less tax. So the money us mugs and the NHS fork out to boots is not taxed here and has and is making pissing an extremely rich fucker. Then they sell to US bunch called walgreens in 2012 for big profit and pissing trebles his stake. So this pissing klepto isn’t happy with a political party that might raise taxes on kleptos, spend money(for example invest in building people’s spas in every town) and have better regulation of the kleptos. No pissing, this is not ‘bad for business’, it’s about doing something to arrest your and other kleptos absolute thievery. Let’s start taking the piss out of mr pissing, and these comments are not ‘taken out of context’ like you claimed yours were. And looking forward to creaming off more loot from the increasingly privatised NHS are we mr pissing? And mr pissing lives in monaco, wonder if my occasional blog reader from monaco knows him? Any inside info?

Time we all boycotted boots eh?

Martin Rowson

Still feeling weird, although a little better for the rant. Another hospital appointment tomorrow.

Manifesto 76: (can’t believe this is in at 76)

  • boycott all companies who do not pay tax in the country they operate in. Simply create a list and put up posters, ads everywhere of the companies. Lobby and protest outside all these company’s shops/outlets, make a big angry noise about what they are doing and educate people. Take the piss out of pissing and co.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Boycott boots (not the footwear).

  1. Dunc
    I agree, the sort of asset juggling and tax avoidance here is the sort of thing that should be stamped out. Greedy bastards. The problem is that Boards think their sole responsibility is to look after shareholders.
    I don’t. I think Boards should look after the people involved and affected by a business – that’s shareholders, employees and suppliers. Customers don’t need looking after because they’ll do that themselves (by voting with their feet)… Change the law. Leave the EU, because they would stop us changing the law.
    Glad you’re on the mend, and a bit of madness is fine. Did I mention that I’ve turned into a mermaid?


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