Farewell welfare

What is this ‘new me’ that is evolving through the turmoil of aggressive crabby treatment? I don’t bleedin’ know but as I oscillate between the various moods and emotions I do know that there is change afoot.

How do you titillate an ocelot? Oscillate it’s tit a lot.

Good old humour, where would we be without it? I feel this anger that is now bubbling away within me. I do not want false positivity to pour it’s emollient oils over me. I do not want to arrange my forces to enact some sort of battle plan. I do not want to show a stiff upper lip to the world, especially with my extending wobbly chin as I would look particularly stupid.

I want to accept my anger, fuck I might even get biblical here and bang on about righteous anger and I feel this is good as my righteous anger is directed at the injustices of the world around us. Many years ago I said to Mark B (congratulations on your appointment with the Scot Nats), that were I diagnosed with a terminal illness I wanted to be catapulted against the clock tower at the houses of parliament with my splattering being a protest at the then government (thatcher’s, of course). Well now I am ill, not terminally but seriously, and the anger that burned in me as a young man still burns as an older man and we have a bunch of tories in power again. So, I have this confluence of personal and political anger.

We all have stored away in our memory boxes snippets of people, events and interconnections. One such for me was the father of an old schoolfriend of mine, David Skelton, who, when talking about the tories said ” it’s the devil take the hindmost with them”. I didn’t fully understand it at the time but it quite obviously stayed with me and I fully understand it now.

So, today reading the Grauniad and 2 pieces: one about former jobcentre adviser and now playwrite Angela Neville the other by Patrick Butler, social policy editor. Neville had first hand experience of the behaviour of jobcentre staff towards their ‘customers’ and the effects of government edicts led by our old friend ian duncan smith (spit the names out as you say them, it’s the least he deserves). The play is called Can This be England? and is “an allusion to the disbelief she and others feel at how people on benefits are being treated”, (that’s poor people on benefits, not the kleptos and bbs on benefits). The play not only portrays what happens to people; those who are directly impoverished by sanctions imposed on them but also the dehumanising of those who work in the system and also the systematic dehumanising of the ‘general public’ who’ve been fed lies by the tories and their media allies and how this inflames people’s basest emotions towards fellow humans.

Butler writes more about the current House of Commons work and pensions committee which has shown up: “the grotesque brutalities of the current benefit sanctions regime…..but established an unlikely consensus among rightwing thinktanks, the welfare to work industry and leftwing trade unions that the system is hugely flawed”. The tories pander to people’s baser instincts by continually promoting the lie that many are scroungers, benefit cheats and the like, the reality is that 0.7% of social security is lost to fraud. They have turned the term ‘social security’ into an Orwellian misnomer as people now experience ‘social insecurity’.

Today esther mcvey, the tory work and pensions minister who ‘s voice would provide a very effective torture, is today ‘giving evidence’ and I’m sure will be entirely objective and reflect the government’s ‘ideological arrogance’.

Back to my friend’s father and the devil taking the hindmost and I rest my case that the tories are evil in what they have done and are doing with our welfare state. Farewell welfare.

I’ve heard cameron and osborne say a few times now that they are fighting tax evasion/avoidance and that this country leads the way in tax transparency. They are outright liars. I’ve recently learnt that 10% of this country’s wealth is held in offshore accounts (in the USA it’s 4%), samantha cameron works for a tax avoiding company and much of the cameron family’s wealth has resulted directly from tax evasion.

So, we have a country that leads the world in tax evasion, I’m sure all those greek evaders came to this country for advice, lining the pockets further of already rich folk that does not ‘aggressively’ go after these fraudsters and yet does aggressively go after welfare benefit folk.

Farewell Harry, I’m sure you partook of football’s peculiar welfare system but you were a ‘character’ and you have a big house in sandbanks to retire to.

Writing of footie, could moarinho make his current public abstinence permanent?

Manifesto 77:

  • stick ian duncan smith in some stocks in a very public place with headphones on listening to an endless loop of esther mcvey droning on about how well the current system is working.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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