England, England,England

Well another blogless day, I did start one but was unable to concentrate properly as I was too excited thinking about the game. Now some of you will be thinking what game. The game was between England and Wales, the 6 nations rugby opener and I get very excited even at my age. Normally I would watch the game in the pub but being an evening game and my last experience of an evening game not being great I decided to stay at home. Even watching on my own I get very animated, shout, cheer and boo at the screen. I still clearly remember my first experience of such a game as a 14 year old at Twickenham with my dad and it was an England Wales game. Half way through the second half and England looking good for a rare win against Wales in those days a Welshman sat in front of me turned and said to me “in the past half hour I’ve begun to hate you boyo”. I just cheered louder. It is an opportunity to really let go and experience raw emotion and I am aware of all the class shit baggage associated with rugby but there is this awareness that whilst emotions are high it doesn’t spill over into violence. This is despite deep historical animosity between the Welsh and the English. I first really experienced this on a school rugby trip to Merthyr, having a piss in a pub toilet after the game a large Welshman stood next to me, looked down at me and asked “are you English?”. After replying “yes” he said “I hate the English”, I just nodded and left.

A common theme when people talk about watching rugby is to compare it to watching football and how the emotions easily spill over into violence. This is true and there is segregation of supporters at football games unlike rugby.

Anyway, the atmosphere in the Millenium stadium was incredible. England won (sorry Julie) and my throat is now paying the price.

Not happy with the lymphodema as my chin gets wobblier by the day.

Also thinking a lot about my future, it has become clear that I won’t be fit to work properly as a class teacher for some time yet and my plan to return full time at the end of March won’t happen. Need to move to plan B.

Just reading J G Ballard’s autobiography, I’ve really liked his books for many years. In it he made a good suggestion regarding Oxford and Cambridge that they are establishments for post-graduates. This would have many advantages not least that there would hopefully be less of the crap with school’s having Oxbridge entry as one of their primary aims, greater meritocracy as the less able from private schools who get into Oxbridge are weeded out during their time at other universities allowing others who do well at graduate level to then go on to Oxbridge and a sharing out of talented undergraduates among the universities.

So, after having a go at Milliband for using the term ‘weaponising’ condom features cameron says the tories will wage an “all out war on mediocrity” in schools. It has so depressed me what has happened politically with education since I’ve been a teacher. Every government has imposed it’s top-down bollocks, very rarely doing proper assessment of their own policies and initiatives (ironic as they have teachers assessing more than they teach), and above all rarely involving actual educationalists such as teachers in their plans. It’s like teachers doing their planning and not considering the pupils. They also seem to have difficulties understanding basic statistics, for example gove’s aspiration that all schools will be above average. I blame the teachers.

Cameron has also been quickly found out after boasting that education spending will be protected in the next parliament will actually lead to less money for schools. But it is his comment about introducing more rigorous testing of English and maths that really depresses and only really demonstrates his ignorance of education. i blame his teachers.

In that economic nirvana that is football which so very much reflects the general way of the world it is heartening to learn that ferguson ‘earns’ about £3 million a year for 20 days ‘work’ as babylon united’s “global ambassador”. There are many thousands of workers in the football industry who keep the game going and are barely paid the minimum wage, would take them a few years to earn what fergie gets for a day’s work. In November 2011 a campaign was started to get these low paid workers at least a ‘living wage’. Only one premier league club has signed up, Chelsea, so I have to eat some humble pie! Think on all you sky subscribers.

Felt uncomfortable watching Question Time from Finchley this week, at the risk of sounding anti-semitic there were a large number of Jews in the audience and there seemed to be a consensus that permeated the programme. Then an audience member asked a question about increased anti-semitism and directly accused George Galloway who was on the panel of promoting anti-semitism. Galloway, with some justification, was upset saying there was far more islamophobia and that there were no muslims in the audience.

My response to the business leaders having a go at millibean:

Manifesto 78:

  • less of the pre-match build up bullshit at international rugby games.
  • Keep on keepin on, love Duncan.

2 thoughts on “England, England,England

  1. Fantastic performance by the whites. Passion, intensity, youth unsullied by mammon, skill and rapport with the fans. The rugby team were good as well…… (sorry I couldn’t be with you in the pub).
    Keep on …….
    Harry Hotspur and Golden Dawn (non fascist version) x


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