Let’s sanction mcvey.

Really hard awaking this morning, was in a very vague, half wakeful state for quite a while and had no hangoverian cause. Lay in this state thinking about listening to the Archers, Kate was reading and complained when I put the radio on and I responded by falling asleep. Next thing I knew was Kate leaving to take Ruby’s friend home, I continued lying in my state of stupor until eventually able to rouse myself. It has been my normal state through my adult life to be very slow in the morning,but  today it felt compounded by my crabby treatment fatigue and I’ve upset Kate which is not good.

My throat pain is at last really reducing, consequently drug intake also reducing. Hair is growing back everywhere, head hair is feeling really thick, Kate insists there are dark hairs growing and that it feels curly, we’ll see.

It takes a while to readjust, I’m still getting over having a peg tube in my stomach and the daily routine using it. I still twitch if someone touches me without seeing them move.

Nice to have Hector’s parochial report from the North London parish.

On the subject of equality see the kleptos are having a fund raising bash tomorrow for the tories organised by zoe purvis, wife of hedge fund manager andrew law. The Financial Times described him as “an unassuming master of the universe”, more like skittish skunk of the kleptos. Last year condom cameron ignored electoral commission guidelines on spending at general elections and his gang slipped through that parties can spend lots more loot. And hey presto the tories have many more millions to spread their poison. Fair eh?

In my last missive I wrote about all the top down changes in education and in today’s Observer is the following letter which I take the liberty of printing in full:

“You refer to Alan Milburn’s warning that unless Labour offers public sector reforms it will suffer a 1992-style defeat (“The NHS needs a blend of realism and vision”, leader). For the past quarter century, England has led the world in market-oriented reform of the public services. The politicians have created a form of permanent revolution, notably in health and education, without any recognition that constant turbulence doesn’t generally make for good outcomes.

The successive upheavals have hardly ever been evidence-based, nor have they been piloted, properly evaluated or developed with staff and user involvement. Usually by the time the chaos has become widespread the architects and drivers of these pet projects have moved on or been demoted for fear of the electoral consequences. Worst of all, the obsession with pursuing these reforms has distracted the governing system from focusing on the things that matter most, such as providing enough doctors, nurses, hospital beds, teachers, school places and opportunities for high-quality staff training and development.

Intelligent change based on persuasion and realistic time scales is essential. But the old style of reform that Milburn appears to be promoting isn’t part of the solution, it’s a significant part of the problem.”

Prof Ron Glatter

As a teacher and someone who has also worked in hospital schools and psychiatric units I have witnessed many successive ‘reforms’ and been subjected to the chaos at first hand. When I began teaching it was in an inner London comp under the aegis of the Inner London Education Authority, it felt exciting at the time as there were child-centred approaches being tested and implemented, teachers were listened to and involved and it felt as if teachers, schools, the authority and the old style inspectors had a common goal, the simple one of improving education. It was partly a reaction to the gradgrind approach that had dominated teaching before and to place children at the heart, but it was an attempt at proper education.This period has since been effectively denigrated: ‘trendy teaching’, ‘children doing what they wanted’, ‘lefty, liberal’ and the like. What do we have now? It is so dispiriting.

What we have now are the vanity projects of successive ministers and unlike what was happening in the ILEA there is no proper testing or pilot studies of initiatives, let alone any or proper evaluation and continual development. And this applies to all areas of government.

My new favourite tory hate figure esther mcvey (one of ian duncan smith’s henchpersons) is one of the latest examples of the evidence free/prejudice informing twat (efpit). At a select committee last week she was asked by Ann Begg what evidence she and the department had that informed their decision making with regard to welfare sanctions. mcvey could provide no evidence but after some waffling stated how effective the sanctions were. Begg then said that there was no evidence as to the effectiveness of the sanctions (there is though increasing evidence as to the harm sanctions are causing). Read about it in Zoe William’s latest: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/feb/08/government-ministers-cost-cutting-pr. Like ids and so many other government ministers mcvey simply lies and peddles prejudice and they are not made properly accountable.

And don’t get me going on accountancy, price waterhouse cooper and their ‘ethical policy’ “do the right thing the pwc way” and make the kleptos richer and increase inequality, and they are the top firm for graduates to work for!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly any vestige of the 60’s revolution has been trampled under the capitalist boot.

Had a lovely walk by the river in the sun with Kate this afternoon, it is such simple pleasures that help make life not only bearable but wonderful.

This imagery just makes me chuckle, Bell is brilliant:

Manifesto 79;

  • any new government policy has to have clear and checkable evidence attached, this will be called the #idslietest and will have an efpit rating system.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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