Defrock the reverend green.

Not such a good night with clogging at the back of my throat, really thick mucus (probably from my epiglottis) makes me feel very uncomfortable and that I can’t breathe. This leads to panicy feelings, which in turn leads to a choice: either continue down panic path or take cognitive causeway. Now is this in any way connected to neuroplasticity, can I retrain my brain to follow different neural pathways? Well, after a few minutes of physical and mental discomfort I began to calm and then fell asleep. Throat sore this morning so have taken drugs.

If there’s been one theme, or meme (do like the word and concept), or even ‘golden thread’ running through my blog it’s my anger at the theft I believe has been occurring during our current neoliberal times. It’s something that’s fueled me for many years: now the year of the financial meltdown, for example, I created sandwich boards portraying this venality and kleptomania as my New Year’s fancy dress, most people dismissed me or didn’t understand. At the risk of sounding arrogant I think that at last the kleptos are being exposed.

Good old Grauniad has had 2 days now of full frontal headlines and exposés of the kleptos bank of choice HSBC. As many have already observed any wrong doing by the rest of us is immediately punished, just think of the appalling sanctions imposed on those who commit the heinous crime of being late/missing an interview at a job centre, for example, or how those who stole bottles of water or trainers in the riots of a few years ago were immediately made examples of and even given prison sentences. Compare and contrast, if you will, with the kleptos shenanigans as they move their money to avoid tax and hide their ill gotten gains. Just think for a minute that HSBC laundered money not only for these ‘respectable’ business folk such as various famous names, ‘entrepeneurs’, financial dealers and the like but also drug dealers and other criminals. They didn’t apparently distinguish, it was/is just the colour of their money (is this saying to do with the different colours of different bank notes?). So, they are all kleptos together.

I wrote yesterday of the black and white ball held last night as a fundraiser for the tories, how many there I wonder held, or hold, bank accounts with hsbc or other money laundering places. I think we can now lump tax evasion with other kleptomaniac behaviour and call all such money dealing as laundering. So these fuckers think, or rather believe as it is a little cult like their beliefs in the ‘free market’ and other such bollocks, that not only is it OK to thieve a load of money one way or another, but to not pay tax and then to tell our elected politicos what to do to make sure the gravy train keeps on rolling. I wonder what was said there last night about the hsbc stuff?

Continuing the cult theme (apologies in advance to sincere religious believers) we have the reverend green who was in charge of hsbc when it was at it’s peak of kleptomania supporting. This reverend green wrote a couple of books reconciling god and mammon and is responsible for a current initiative to turn the church into a more businesslike institution. It truly beggars belief, this charlatan should be denounced forthwith by the church. He should be shamed, as all the kleptos should be named and shamed. And who was it appointed the rev. green as minister of state for trade and investment in 2010?

Polly Toynbee of the Grauniad parish also wrote that prior to this week’s revelations about hsbc the Grauniad was subjected to: “threats we have received from a string of top law firms trying to prevent revelation of their clients’ secret swiss accounts”. Why so if not some intimation of guilt? Immediate naming and shaming in the likes of the sun and mail of any benefit cheats, but of the kleptos? How much longer do we, the hardworking, taxpaying, law abiding folk have to put up with this absolutely grotesque charade. Name them, shame them, tax them, repatriate our money, boycott them or it’s pitchfork time.

Phew, that was exciting writing all that. Wonder when I’ll get the knock on the door, better hide all my pitchforks.

I’m really heading for a fall as my smugness has also been stoked by the latest fat meta-study showing that the advice we’ve been given since the 80’s to cut down on fat intake has not reduced heart disease. After my dad died of a heart attack in 1980 I changed my diet and started using that flora muck. After a few years I started thinking a little more about all this and thought that maybe eating flora’s highly processed shit wasn’t so good for me and I was missing out on the glorious taste of butter, full fat milk, cream, cheese and other dairy products. It seems that research is shifting and fat is actually good for you.

What might be an absolute catastrophe is that as people followed this dietary advice they began eating more carbohydrates and this has coincided with epidemics of obesity and diabetes. This possible link needs proper research urgently. Now far be it from me to suggest any conspiracy theory but food corporations have not been lax in exploiting fears and have sold a great deal of stuff that might not have been that healthy for us. Also, I find it disheartening that researchers into food and diet have been either ignored or enticed to research only in certain areas and we’ve been duped into certain eating habits before proper research has been done. Just like governments impose their policies and initiatives without research and testing.

Brings it all back to the dangers of allowing personal beliefs to dictate a la rev. green. It all smells faintly fascist.

Looking for an image for today I simply put in ‘tax avoidance cartoon’ and was overwhelmed with choice, easily the most fertile of my searches so far. So cartoonists and satirists are on the case.

Manifesto 80:

  • for a start name and shame all tax cheats revealed by Herve Falciani (he leaked the hsbc data). By the way unlike the kleptos he is being pursued by the swiss judiciary but is under police protection in France; speaks volumes in itself eh?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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