Sprats of the world unite.

Better night’s sleep, just the usual waking with dry mouth, sore throat and crusted lips. Now these crusted lips are a little weird as the crusty bits feel like dried skin, and skin may well be part of the crust. I remove the crust and hope that I’m not exposing raw skin underneath, so far it hasn’t been particularly painful.

Finally feel comfortable with my new belly button which is actually quite small now.

Haven’t felt quite so angry last couple of days, I think making decisions about my future have helped, just need to do all the boring bureaucratic bollocks. At school I’d introduced the term BB which a fair few people knew meant bureaucratic bollocks, I’m sure many of you could apply that to your work/lives.

Just had a phone call from someone claiming to be from talk talk and that my computer has downloaded some dodgy stuff and they want to show me on my computer, of course as they gain access to my computer they do exactly what they are warning me about. Last week I wanted to simply get the national express bus timetable and each time I searched the first site appeared to be the official site for national express and that I needed to download something to allow the timetable to be viewed, I stupidly clicked accept and next thing the computer was taken over and totally reconfigured. I think that these shady ‘business practices’ are so representative of the wider shit dumped on us all by neoliberal capitalism, as if we are all in this sea surrounded by so many species of shark all making our lives worse.

We have the great white shark that is the world of large corporations, banks, hedge funds and the like owned and run by the kleptos who have voraciously stolen much of the wealth and just keep swimming the seas with their blank eyes and amorality looking for ever more ways of looting. Even when exposed to the world for what they are, such as the hsbc great white, they don’t even blink and carry on regardless. They operate in close conjunction with the tory blue shark. The great white tosses the odd morsel to the nurse shark to fund it’s operations, the black and white ball on Monday night was one such example. The blue shark then blames the fairly benign, but blinkered, labour whale shark for all the ills caused by the great white. The great whites think this a great wheeze, they’ve got away with causing economic and financial catastrophe, have extracted even more unbelievable wealth and not been punished in any way whatsoever. The blue sharks also blame all the poor sprats for being sprats and make their miserable little lives even more miserable.

As in all ecosystems, including economic systems, it is the ‘lower’ order species that actually create the food/wealth on which the ‘higher’ order species feed. The great whites tell the story of how they are the wealth creators when simple reality tells us that they simply feed on the work of others. The wpp great white with that supremely arrogant martin sorrell mouth, all those teeth representing finely honed words developed in the advertising world of lies that then spread through other sharks mouths so that everyone is blamed except the great whites themselves.

The swiss great white blames the Herve Falciani sprat.

The IDS and mcvey blue sharks blame the feckless sprats.

The german great white blames the lazy Greek sprats.

The dumb gulper ukip shark blames the east European sprats, and so on.

So, sprats of the world unite, together we are so much more than the sharks.

Just read a piece about straw houses and how a few have been popping up around the country. Soon after Kate and I got together we wanted to sort out living together as one family (2 adults, 4 children). Buying a large enough house at the time wasn’t an option financially, so we explored building our own and soon found out that it was as expensive because of the price of land. During our research we learned about straw houses and they seemed great. They are cheap to build, just use straw bales oh, and some plaster, wood and a few other materials. Surprisingly they are more fire resistant than normal houses, they are better insulated so require less heating, better sound proofed, also surprisingly, less allergenic, rodents and other infesting beasties can’t get in, and they look great. Of course vested interests in the form of mortgage lenders, big builders and other sharks do all they can to prevent us little piggies build straw houses. But Bath University have recently built some straw houses in Bristol and done all the warranted tests on them and they’ve passed with flying colours, in fact “in some ways, the facts are so good the industry can’t believe them”. Maybe we’ll explore the possibility again.

Manifesto 81:

  • build lots of straw houses.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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