Time the new management cult is properly sorted.

Really started to put things in motion yesterday to sort my future, even filled some forms in and only made a few mistakes. Ever since I spelt my surname wrong on the UCAS form during my sixth from years for university I’ve been wary of forms.

Had a reassuring and helpful email from my key nurse, she is particularly trying to help me cope psychologically and reminded me that I have had ‘ very complex, difficult treatment’ and recovery is a long term process. There is a group therapy thing I’ve signed up for, but doesn’t start until late April, still gives me time to prepare myself to be on my best behaviour.

So, I think it’s time we finally nailed the ‘wealth creator’ myth so beloved of the kleptos. Capitalists and their cheerleaders often make great claims for their entrepreneurial enterprise and the likes of Dyson are often quoted as exemplars of genuine risk takers and such people do create new products which can ‘create wealth’. Likewise companies that make stuff and sell it, notwithstanding any corrupt tax arrangements, dodgy business practices and obscene salaries, can be called ‘wealth creators’. Trouble is by far the biggest business we now have is the financial industry which, despite weaselly words by the likes of sorrell that attempt to tell us a different story, only works with their god mammon, or money. OK, so banks and other financial institutions ‘oil the wheels’ of commerce, they don’t actually produce tangible stuff. Much of what they do is appropriate money through rent, gambling (hedge funds), interest, tax swindles, laundering (hsbc) and so on. And every day in every news bulletin we have the little prayer to these fuckers: “and the footsie 100 was up….”.

And any attempt to bring this financial behemoth to heel is resisted in this country way more than any other major democracy, even in the USA they prosecute, fine and jail companies and individuals. What happens here? Condom cameron and his cronies (and ‘new labour’  were complicit, but we should focus on the current incumbents as they have current responsibility and should not be continually allowed to squirm away by simply having a go at others) claim to have done more than anyone to ‘clean up’ tax loopholes and recover tax. Yes they’ve done this by: reducing hmrc funding and the number of tax inspectors, reduced the serious fraud office funding, kept a fragmented regulatory system that doesn’t work, sending approximately none to jail, not prosecuting even one of the firms that peddle unlawful tax schemes, giving contracts to companies who have been prosecuted, given peerages to those who have overseen such kleptomania, brought these kleptos actually into the government, prosecuted those whistleblowers who try to expose illegality, name call anyone who suggests alternatives as ‘anti-business’, and have an x-party treasurer who describes his tax avoidance as ‘at the vanilla end’. I finks it all stinks.

Come on Ed and co, say you will properly punish tax abuse, give us cause to think that our country has some backbone and isn’t just home to tory spivdom.

Farewell Steve Strange, I have some regret I never tried to get into his Blitz club but laughed when I heard that he’d refused entry to mick jagger.

Julie sent me an interesting survey: http://voteforpolicies.org.uk/ which analyses which party you’re most likely to vote for. I came out 100% Green! Have a go, doesn’t take long.

So, I’m still conflicted, help me out Richard and Steve, heart says vote Green but lets condom cameron and the tory sharks in.

Very interesting piece by Andrew Smith in today’s Grauniad, well it was very interesting to me because it reinforces my beliefs about what’s been happening in this country since thatch took power. Mr Smith (no relation) states that all industries treat whistleblowers the same (even footie, just listen to moanrinho), from NHS cardiologist Dr Mattu to Hervé Falciano and hsbc. They treat them as the wrongdoers even when they are attempting to expose what they consider wrongdoing.

The ‘they’ are the senior managers of these industries. Mr Smith asserts that these industries have been colonised by “three or four layers of management whose vastly inflated salaries separate them from the workforce psychologically, and encourage them to defend their preposterous benefits through empire building and the ruthless quashing of dissent”. He has looked at many cases of whistleblowing and in every one has seen “a detached management with it’s own priorities, with different incentives to those on the front line, moving to protect itself from scrutiny or censure”. I wholeheartedly agree with his analysis and to some extent have witnessed and experienced it personally. And doesn’t this begin to explain the behaviour of senior managers that we see and hear? And when they are eventually exposed as with fink, their defence is an ice cream confection. Let’s have some real accountability, or of course the hurling of a few pitchforks.

What these short-sighted twats don’t actually realise is that their behaviour and kleptomania not only reduces business effectiveness and profitability, coarsens and worsens all our lives, ravages the world’s environment but will also leave the kleptos offspring in such a world. Good job, eh?

I am getting pissed off with the number of squiggly red lines under many of my words just because I use English spelling.

And on the subject of language when watching Match of the Day I heard two commentators say: ” go ahead goal”, meaning take the lead. This management speak bollocks infects everywhere.

Manifesto 81:

  • let’s have a simple inversion of the current management pyramid. Also have English word processors.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Time the new management cult is properly sorted.

  1. Shame picture not working today…

    Last night we watched some of a recorded programme Bill Bailey Qualmpeddelr – brilliant, not least he descriptions of those children (actually that insults children) running amok in Westminster and in our once worthy country… Botoxed walnut – guess who?

    By the way, you can change your computer setting to English then don’t have the splleing plobrem. Love from a similarly colour-conflicted electoral registrant.

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