RIP Honeysett

Nervously lying in bed writing this; nervous because I will be telling Kate what I’ve been planning for her and keeping secret for a few weeks as part of her 50th celebrations. Not sure when she’ll awake as she had acupuncture yesterday and may well sleep a long time.

Throat has been a little more sore, but easily managed with paracetamol, haven’t had morphine for a few weeks now, which is a good sign. Slightly worrying yesterday was when I was sat having my late breakfast I had some difficulty opening my jaw, it was very stiff. Must make sure I do my jaw exercises every morning,otherwise it could get worse.

Stat of the day: the British tax code is more then 17,000 pages long. What does this say? The Hong Kong tax code, apparently seen as the world’s most effective, is a mere 276 pages. Amongst other things it says only the wealthy can afford to pay accountants from dodgy companies like hsbc or pwc to interpret the tax code so they can avoid tax. It also says we need to tear up this code and create a simple one, I was going to then write simples but fortunately I resisted as I hate regurgitating the shit smug advertisers inflict on the world.

Just one more stat that sums up so much about our country: about 300 hmrc workers chasing £70 million (probably far more) in tax fraud (lets simplify things and end this spurious difference between evasion and avoidance and call it all what it is), and 3,250 ids minions chasing about £1.25 million in benefit fraud.

Tax avoiders are scroungers off the state, bleedin’ scroungers.

Sorry about yesterday’s cartoon, it was simply a graphic representation of the higher echelons of management shitting on the rest of us. Could equally apply to the wealthy and powerful.

More rugby today and I will be going to the pub to watch, hopefully England won’t be overconfident.

A short piece today as there’s stuff afoot, will update you tomorrow.

Today’s image is in remembrance of Honeysett who died this week:

Manifesto 82:

  • transparency about all tax: what it’s spent on, where it goes, what is to be paid and who pays what.

Keep on keeping on. love Duncan.


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