A very abbreviated blog today owing to fragility of writer, must be a bug I’ve picked up. Having lied to Kate for weeks pulled off a surprise party for her in the Castle Inn at Corfe last night. Thanks to all who turned up and made it such a special night for Kate, she was so happy, and especially Laurice my main conspirator. So a photo of Kate from last night:


Sadly can’t put video clip of some very dodgy singing and moves by a couple of old geezers in the blog.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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  1. Re earlier blog about tiredness etc, the dear friend whose cancer experience (sorry Duncan if you don’t like that term but it seems to me, layperson though I am, to describe the pre- and post- treatment range of the crab) was 6-7 years ago, but on medication lifelong, she found Floradix really helpful and said it doesn’t taste too healthy…. strange name, summoning images of protrusions, er profusions of frilly flowers.

    She also told me recently of how it was about 6 months or so post-chemo, gardening one day, she suddenly felt she was back in her body again;; that it was hers once more after having been taken over by a host of others. Hope that comes soon for you if not already.

    By the way, have you seen http://keeponkeepinon.com/ ? Where did your version of the lines originate? Just curious….


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