Here come the pun, little darling………….

No title yesterday, how remiss, must be the side effects. Throat still sore, and still recovering from Saturday.

Feeling pretty tired, probably due to a number of reasons but not least having to keep up a subterfuge for a few weeks. Then getting closer to the day of the party that anxiety one gets pre-party that no one will turn up, and it’s even more so with a surprise party. Fortunately everything slotted into place brilliantly, Kate had no idea, the pub was full when we arrived and it was a good fun party. There was a great atmosphere and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Kate loved it.

Trisha, (Mark B’s mum), has sent me a series of lovely cards and in her latest wrote about floatation tanks after my blog mentioning the effects of water. Well Trisha I did have a spell in London when I went to one in Clapham and I really enjoyed it and want to go now but the nearest I found a few years ago was in Bideford! Now this reinforces my thinking of late to pursue the idea of creating a Swanage/Purbeck spa, will have to research how places abroad set them up (I think following the example of Thermae Spa in Bath might be a little ambitious). I could begin with a floatation tank, any suggestions from locals about where and how?

So watching the rugby in the pub on Saturday I met a woman called Jane whom I’d spoken with a few times before and as too often happens embarrassingly couldn’t remember her name. Anyway, she’s recently contracting thyroid cancer and mentioned about Swanage and Purbeck being a cancer ‘hot spot’. The first district nurse to visit me said this to me in October and I made a half-hearted attempt to follow it up, now post-treatment I will do so and write an article about it if there’s anything in it.

Programme on telly tonight; a ‘mockumentary’ about ukip winning the election and the first 100 days, Zoe Williams describes it as ‘political horror’ and hasn’t felt as frightened watching a mockumentary since seeing a film when young called Threads about a nuclear winter.

More political horror served up by a geezer called Matthew d’Ancona writing about ids being the saviour of the tories. Now this d’Ancona is a right wing journalist having written for the torygraph and spectator, and now has a weekly column in the Grauniad. I therefore don’t immediately wish to read him but do so, especially when he writes so positively about the odious ids (and it is weird to keep seeing my name in print). d’Ancona describes ids as having ‘humility and placidity’, Placid I can go with (remember the ‘quiet man’?),but having humility? My dummy smashed into the wall. Perhaps d’Ancona is demonstrating what may well apply to many of us and he probably knows ids quite well in private and is not so aware of how ids is perceived by many in this country. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking ids as a very nasty frontman for the tory assault on the welfare state, mcvey is his henchwoman, and uses bare faced lies to justify himself and what he does. Apparently a senior civil servant described ids as “a very dangerous minister” and d’ancona thinks this “a back-handed compliment”, I think it should be taken at face value. I leave the last comment to Buckhucklebuck’s comment on d’ancona’s piece: “I opposed the original invention of Duncan-Smith, instead of re-inventing my proposal would be dismantle, seal in concrete and bury in the Yucatan mountains. In all seriousness, who is Dunkers supposed to be appealing to that the Tories don’t already have voting for them? The stupid and evil votes are already fairly solidly Tory.”

So, the tories are proposing to force the obese and addicts to accept treatment or they’ll lose money. Maybe they could include the tax avoiding kleptos? But again just shows them playing to crude populism and ignoring evidence and ‘what works’. If it happens just watch the homeless numbers increase along with begging, suicides and further coarsening of our society. Not coincidence that the Grauniad had an article by Zoe Williams (two in one edition) alongside d’ancona titled “It’s corporate greed, not weak people, that causes obesity”. This could also allude to the fat cat kleptos eh?

Mike, some good puns using Norfolk place names in today’s letters.

Thinking of old folk read about something Kate and I have talked about and that is old folk setting up their own ‘senior co-housing’ scheme. Now these are well established elsewhere in Europe but not here until now for example with a group in Essex. Makes good sense to me, senior folk who get on sort out a mutually agreed communal dwelling. The impediments are high land prices, council ignorance and difficulty getting partners (builders, developers and the like). But there is some movement at last.

Just for Mike, the first of a series of pun cartoons:

Manifesto 81:

  • create new laws to facilitate people being able to create senior co-housing.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

PS Jo i was first turned on to ‘keep on keeping on’ by the Redskins who had a song with the title in the early 80’s, they were part of ‘Red Wedge’, I’ll check your link.


3 thoughts on “Here come the pun, little darling………….

  1. Sorry, virtually chatty today, working at the light-emitting-diode-face …

    lots of co-housing projects for a while now methinks – including one in Dartington about to open. Self-defining maturity and we can set up a consultancy to re-educate the young things that think they know it all.

    Finnish neighbour and I planning a community spa here too; start of a non-profiteering chain? In line with today’s theme, Sweaters united? Pooled resources? Southern comfort? Thermal expansion definitely on the horizon. Suggestions and unguents welcome. xxx


  2. IDS is a compulsive throwback. Like many of his ilk before him, he pursues a doctrinal approach to his work that borders on evangelism. But he is evil. He reminds me of those who worked in senior positions in the Third Reich, who were not violent individuals themselves but who saw the world through narrow blinkers and pursued their belief even when the evidence of their cruelty was staring them in the face. And, like many of his ilk, he has absolutely no idea of the real lives and circumstances of the people he is trying, like a Victorian, to ‘better’… is oblivious to him in his righteous millionaire world. This is why a civil servant has described him as dangerous……..he had no regard at all for the actual consequences of his beliefs and actions. In my view, this attitude in a position of power is more than dangerous: it wreaks further hardship on those who already suffer hardship and without reflection of mercy. Yes, such certitude and righteousness in a person in power over others is evil.


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