Gnome Chomsky

Feeling quite recovered from Saturday and I haven’t told the whole story of the night. Fortunately at the end of the evening at the pub only three of us took the last taxi home: Kate, sister Jo and me, as more drinking would have ensued. When we got home we set off a big rocket Jo had brought with her, maybe a little unwise considering our state but it was fun and lit up the night sky and all the neighbours were pleased.

After chatting for a while we went to bed and the next thing I knew was Kate waking me up because I was asleep on the floor next to her side of the bed, don’t ask as we don’t have cctv so have no idea.

Had lunch at Jill’s today with her mother Pam, it felt somewhat decadent after all these years of working (even though it is half term this week) yet somehow right. I am beginning to look forward to the next stage of my life, April’s results notwithstanding. I’m even off to Lulworth Cove next Tuesday to begin watercolour painting, haven’t done any fine art since I was a nipper. In fact I still clearly remember being very pissed off as a twelve year old because we didn’t have a proper art teacher all year and we just did bleedin’ calligraphy, it put me off art and made my handwriting worse. I do remember, thinking of puns, there was an art teacher called Willy Fawcett.

Must say I much prefer Channel Four news now to the other stations and it keeps supplying little treats, such as last week having an interview with one of my heroes, Noam Chomsky. I recently saw something I want: a gnome of Noam Chomsky called Gnome Chomsky! Although as ever a too abbreviated interview (something he actually complains about in that it’s one of the ways modern mass media controls what’s said because little can be really developed in relatively short interviews or discussions). Anyway he did have enough time to give an alternative take on the Ukrainian situation. In the Gorbachov era Russia agreed to the changes in East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall as long as NATO (should more accurately be called the North American, rather than North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) agreed not to put missiles and stuff in East Germany. The Yanks agreed and then proceeded to put missiles and stuff in East Germany. Pissed Gorbachov off.

So now Ukraine wants to join NATO, apparently, and, unsurprisingly, the Russians aren’t overly happy. As Chomsky said just imagine what would have happened a number of years ago if the opposite happened in Mexico? Well it did almost happen with Cuba. Dodgy as Putin is, not sure we’re getting the whole picture.

On the education front another example of this government putting new legislation in place before pilot studies had even reported back. This time it’s new laws to ‘simplify special educational needs support’. Admittedly this was already pretty convoluted and allowed authorities to drag their heels and not give SEN students the support they needed, but already the rushed new systems are proving complex and chaotic. As someone who’s been involved in the ‘old’ process that was itself fairly complex and certainly cumbersome, I despair at this which will make things worse for students who need the support and provision, but also the negative effects on parents, other students and schools.

Pun cartoon of the day:

Manifesto 83:

  • Everyone should have at least one surprise party in their life.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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