When will we be feminist?

Feeling a little jaded, but not as tired as I expected after my night out with Mike. He very kindly bought me a ticket to see The War on Drugs, he drove us to Southampton and we had a very enjoyable evening at The Guild Hall. It is basically a very large room, standing only. After a couple of drinks, a chat with Louisa and her man (she’s head or deputy head at another cambian school) Mike then dragged me to the centre of the place just in front of the stage. The band were very good; more guitar changes for the front man than I have shoes, took a shine to the drummer and loved the sounds they produced. Have you seen them yet Mark secretary? Must admit that I was quite concerned about my legs towards the end, they felt numb and knackered, began to worry that I might not be able to walk back to car. Homer on the satnav was particularly annoying, how many accidents do satnavs cause I wonder? Anyway, thank you so much Mike for a great night.

Grace has been away with her mother and sister for the weekend and I do worry about her welfare when she’s with them, especially her deranged mother. She arrived back late this morning very happy with her new fur lined cape but with disturbing tales of her mother’s behaviour, have asked that she doesn’t get in a car again with her mother.

Well, that was very interesting just now. Kate is having acupuncture treatment as I write in our front room from Alice the acupuncturist. I went down to introduce myself and we chatted briefly about treatment and then Alice informed us that she is the local Green Party candidate for the May election! Cue immediate discussion. After a few minutes we all decided that it would be best for Alice, needle in hand, that she refocus on treating Kate and we’d talk later. Funny old world.

Another arresting piece by John Naughton in the Observer today writing about how the management and workers of tech companies behave. He argues that they are developing into a parallel existence to the rest of us plebians. He lumps them with the other kleptos: “investment banks, hedge funds and other elite (my italics) institutions – (these) people are overstimulated, appreciated, overworked (but in a “good” way of course) and richly rewarded. Meanwhile, in the other universe, people are under-stimulated, overworked and poorly rewarded. And the gap appears to be widening”. It’s just as I keep banging on about, Picketty has highlighted and many others commented on: there is rising inequality and it ain’t good. There is no sense of the common good, the common weal, just these kleptos stealing as much as they can. Maybe this should be number 1 in our charter for the Grand Remonstrance?

Naughton finishes by equating the rise of computer and information technology alongside the neoliberal fuelled rise in inequality over the last 30 years. The digital revolution “is driving inequality, not reducing it”. Hasn’t it been one of the claims for such technology that it opens up opportunity for everyone? Bollocks, it’s already been corporatised by the kleptos and bbs.

Ha ha chelsea drew and all because of the ref, shouldn’t there be some sort of investigation into how referees are deciding games rather than players and teams? moanrinho is a wanker, la la la la. terry is a racist la la la la.

Really, really powerful piece of writing by Eva Wiseman about femicide: the killing of women by men because they are women. She writes about Karen Ingala Smith (no relation) who first started counting dead women in 2012 and that last week saw the launch of the ‘Femicide Census’.  The context of their argument is that when men kill women they do so because male violence towards women is a consequence of society’s sexism with misogyny and the objectification of women so entrenched and pervasive. Wiseman argues, and I agree, there will be no change with regard to male on female violence until we all create a non-sexist world, until we are all feminists, until we are all equal. Number 2 on the charter?

At the risk of sounding pompous and the like, maybe we could start listing stuff from my manifestos, include Martin’s too, to create an initial charter for the Grand Remonstrance? Remember any of you can send comments with suggestions. In fact I’m going to use one of Martin’s today.

Manifesto 87:

  • abolish inherited wealth; private wealth becomes the common wealth.

Must say the conceited part of me has been upset lately as viewing figures for my blog have declined weekly since early January, but this week figures have gone back up. Wonder why?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS thanks for comment Julie, we’ll try and check out the statue park.


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