I think I’ve just experienced blank page dread as I stared blankly at the blank page wondering what to write. It wasn’t so much not having anything to write about, or even choosing what to write about but more about thinking how what I write may affect others or even myself. We exist in this digital age that has unleashed opportunities for both mass and immediate spreading of information, which means that people are not only easily able to put stuff out but also that people are easily able to receive and gather information. So far with my blog, while I have self-censored, I feel that I have written typically from the heart and what stirs me at different times as well as the occasional immediate ‘stream of consciousness’. I have attempted to create discourse and had some with some of you, but lately wondered why there hasn’t been more.

Last week I pondered whether Mark in his new role as SNP branch secretary suddenly has to be a little more circumspect in his communication, likewise Steve in his aim to be a Green councilor (by the way Alice is a council green candidate not parliamentary candidate, but who knows, in the future?). But mainly today with a comment from someone called Katherine in response to what I wrote in my ‘Only Women Bleed’ blog, you can read it in today’s comments. She enjoins me to spend 24 hours and ‘lay aside my prejudice’ and explore the ‘facts’ of abortion. I don’t think I’ll spend 24 hours on it, have you done the same Katherine? I’ll explore my prejudice, in fact something I frequently do, and will devote a future blog to the issue of an unborn child’s right to a voice.

Hope my voice didn’t sound too arrogant there? Bleedin’ hard sometimes getting the words as you want them to be and sound.

I’m feeling OK, in fact just spoke to Kate on the phone and she asked me how I’d slept and I said OK and she said “not great then”, I said “no, OK which is neither great nor rubbish, but OK is OK”. Such is the mindset of those who want to be positive all the time that OK isn’t good enough, it’s not brilliant but for most of us most of the time OK is OK and sometimes life’s shit and sometimes it’s brilliant. Now after my opening about affecting others and I’ve upset Kate writing this. Blimey, what’s with Katherines today?

Throat still feeling like it’s bunged up and I will try gargling with hot lemon, honey and ginger today.

malcolm rifkind eh? Was going to write about him earlier as I was perusing my Grauniad comments site breaking news flashed up so I thought I could write about a scandal as it was initially happening, how current is this blog? Don’t be a twatish big head Duncan, is twatish spelt with one or two t’s? Anyway, rifkind, has been revealed to have been advising a Chinese company and he also sits (or sat) as chair of an intelligence committee. As MP Tom Watson puts it: “I think the prime minister needs to form a view whether he wants the intelligence committee chair to be working as a lobbyist for Chinese companies. Just put it the other way round. Do you think the Chinese government would let the equivalent chair of the intelligence committee in China work for a British company?”

Apart from this it’s the old debate about our MPs getting outside earnings. condom features cameron bleats on about having MPs with outside experience, but this and other vested interest type stuff isn’t about ‘outside experience’, it’s about greed and using their position and knowledge as MPs and government to feed that greed. the tories and bliars new labour lot both do it and it has coarsened our democracy. Like Angela Eagle just said in an interview it would be nice if more MPs would spend time actually representing their constituents rather than lining their own pockets.

Another lovely piece by Larry Elliott, he writes in the financial pages, a section most of us probably bypass but often as with Larry have interesting takes. He imagines Cromwell (as in Wolf Hall and Henry VIII fame) as a modern day chancellor (he’d almost certainly be better than that charlatan osborne) and how instead of going for the monasteries he’d go for the banks: “A modern Cromwell sorting out the public finances might conclude that the financial sector – rich, arrogant and lamentably corrupt – was ripe for the picking. If Cromwell was alive today, Stephen Green, HSBC’s former chief executive, would be in the Tower of London and the dissolution of the banks in full swing”. If only.

Also an interview of Nick Leeson, remember him? He says nothings changed with banks since his day 20 years ago and that greed still rules. Probably more so now as it’s more ingrained in the wanking, I mean banking culture (Freudian).

Manifesto 87:

  • dissolution of the banks.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Dissolution

  1. Glad you enjoyed getting down with the kids in the mosh pit. Next time I’ll try to find a venue that permits crowd surfing….twould be good to give the legs a rest.
    Sorry you didn’t like the Illiad on the Sat Nav. Doh! I’ll try to get some Plato next time…..
    Keep on ….
    Ovid (he killed the radio star) x


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