Dirty little gerbils in watercolour.

Sat back at home after a most enjoyable day painting with watercolours. Kate had told me about how Peter, the husband of Sue who she massages and beautifies, goes every Tuesday to paint with watercolour at a lovely house in Lulworth Cove. Kate dropped me off this morning and Peter drove us to a stunning house with absolutely stunning views of sea and cliffs. Our teacher/mentor, the engaging Gay, had painting stuff ready for me, gave me an introduction and off I went. Lunch and wine in a very relaxed atmosphere all made for a brilliant introduction to the art of watercolour. At least my picture of a nectarine looked something like a nectarine and I’ll be a regular as long as I’m welcome. So, little old me, a writer and a watercolourist!

Mouth very dry on my return home, really noticeable how dry my mouth gets when I’m out and about. Bit annoying losing salivary glands.

Bit annoying also for poor Natalie Bennett with her radio interviews today. Feel for her as the interviewers keep on about how much the Green policies will cost or how much they won’t get from the kleptos. I think instead of saying how much things might cost, or how much they’ll get from taxing the kleptos she should take a leaf out of the other politicos books and say stuff like: “well, the tories found x billion for quantitative easing which has just lined banker’s pockets” or “the government spending so much on employing people to recoup relatively small amounts of poor folk benefit fraud when they should spend far more on employing people to repatriate unpaid taxes” and, of course, innately demented smith wasting so much money.

Or, of course, simply talk about gulliver and the amount of money travelling into his offshore accounts overseeing a company, hsbc, which has just posted a 17% reduction in profits and has forked out billions in fines. How come a government, or governments, has allowed such to happen and perhaps such money can be better spent elsewhere, like on houses for people. It has only ever been when the state spends money on housebuilding do enough houses get built, can’t rely on the private sector alone. Really well argued defence from gulliver about how can he be expected to know what everyone is doing in his company? Perhaps we might expect him to at least know about those that are costing the bank billions, ‘cos isn’t that the bottom line with these folk? People like gulliver and reverend green take, or rather steal, loads of dosh and increasingly relinquish responsibility. Maybe someone can create a law that equates increasing remuneration with decreasing responsibility for the kleptos and it’s opposite that applies to the poor bloody workers. Like the Grauniad states; ‘performance unrelated pay’.

And gulliver’s reason for sticking his ill-gotten gains in an offshore account when in Hong Kong that he wanted to keep the amount of bonus secret from his colleagues, why? Greed of course. I am not envious of his kleptomaniacal rewards just fucking angry and interviewing toerags on radio 4 and LBC simply try to humiliate Natalie Bennett who has honourable intentions. Oh you’re so naive Duncan living in your little utopian dream world, wake up and join the ‘real world’.

So it wasn’t the evil rats fault spreading the plague but cute little gerbils (really giant gerbils, but not going to allow little things like facts get in the way of my reporting) that spread bubonic plague. If we’d known this earlier Cagney could have said: “you dirty yellow bellied gerbil”.

Perused a copy of Saturday’s torygraph today and on the front page an article about the pressure put on staff at the times to meet advertising selling targets and inside a half page spread having a go at the Grauniad for promoting a company in their pages and not a peep about hsbc and Mr Oborne. Funny that.

Feeling very tired now, it’s hard work watercolouring, so I’ll sign off.

A watercolour by John Sell Cotman, my uncle Barry’s favourite watercolourist.

Manifesto 88:

  • reverse the reduction of arts teaching in schools, all children to have wide experience of the arts. Also RE teaching, might reduce boys and girls going off to join isis and dangerous bigotries.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Dirty little gerbils in watercolour.

  1. I got really excited when I saw your watercolour at the bottom of the page.

    Then read the words at the bottom.
    500,000 homes at £60k each can be achieved including land cost, because you would compulsory purchase the land for maybe just twice the farmland value e.g. £30k per acre. Why should farmers and developers make millions from the planning permission scam???


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