Anosmia and corporate destruction of our legal system.

Still feeling a little down, speaking with Kate this morning I said that I think it’s the relentlessness of initially the very aggressive treatments and thereafter the multitude of side effects. As I’ve written before I think the term ‘side effects’ a misnomer, they are more full-frontal with many more subtle, but possibly no less debilitating side effects. After thinking the lymphodema under my chin had abated it’s returned over the last 2 days. Whilst it may not be that evident to others it is very evident to me, it makes me more self-conscious and has emotional/psychological effects which are cumulative and not so easily described and, probably, dealt with.

Just listened to a rant by some ukip twat on Any Questions, supposedly answering a question about student fees and paying for them. After he finished speaking there was a sort of dumbfounded silence from the audience, I really do hope their bubble is deflating but the results in May will tell us if this is so. An answer from dear Natalie Bennett has just had rapturous applause, mainly in response to her proposing proper progressive taxation. The programme was from Bristol and it seems to be the case that where there is greater racial mixing there is less ukip support, they do well where there is minimal racial mixing and in mainly white, poorer areas. The liberal twat, ed davey, showed up the liberals for the charlatans and opportunists they are as he stated they will support the largest party, no talk of beliefs and core philosophy, in contrast to Natalie Bennett.

Also I am getting increasingly irritated by jonathan dimblebore, he is not fair with who he allows to interject or curtail when they drone on. As I reflect on this I’m sure he’ll protest his impartiality but I would argue that when he exists in the milieu he does he cannot help but be imbued with the prevailing beliefs and dogma. Therefore he becomes institutionalised in his belief system, like so many other supposedly impartial presenters and interviewers.

Anyway back to me. I found an article written by Louise Woollam about the damaging effects of a cold on her olfactory nerve. initially she had anosmia (loss of smell and taste senses), later this developed into phantosmia (smelling something horrible when there isn’t a smell), parosmia (distortion of real smells and tastes into nasty ones) and cacosmia (where everything smells and tastes of shit). As someone who’s experienced first changes in taste, then loss of taste and now altered taste I have some sympathy, although I’ve never lost my sense of smell, although it has been heightened. Last night we went to Kate and Tim’s to watch Boyhood (really good film) with Sal and Mike. On the way home I talked to Kate (my wife, not Kate McGrail) about my mouth getting so dry so quickly when I walk and travel. Kate suggested I close my mouth, there was an almost instant flow of saliva from my remaining salivary glands and it tasted revolting, not shit like, but deeply unpleasant. As I’ve thought and written before I agree with Louise Woollam “I have lost a sense, and I feel it is a disability that’s similar to being blind or deaf – it’s just harder for others to notice, or understand”.

In last week’s Grauniad magazine in the regular section about what’s going up or down on the fashion scene wearing your watch over your sleeve is going up. Fashion is very stupid at times.

Disturbing article in the New Statesman by Anthony Barnett about the “British legal system being ripped apart”. He joined a rally organised by Justice Alliance which is highlighting how the current government has changed the legal system such that it “hits the poor, the weak and the dispossessed”: destroying legal aid, the probation service and marketisation of other apparatus of the law. The campaign is co-inciding with the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. There were three great issues that symbolise Magna Carta: holding the powerful and the executive to account, no-one to be imprisoned/destroyed except by peer judgment under the rule of law and the environmental common wealth. All these are seriously under threat now from the neo-liberals, as Barnett writes: “The corporations have stolen our political parties, they are stealing our media, they are robbing us of our government, they are suborning the law and now they are stealing our history” (Magna Carta). More evidence to my jaundiced eyes of the kleptos and bb’s theft of our common wealth.

And time to stop complaining about the referees in premier league footie. If this culture of  blaming the ref a la moanrinho continues then it will only make things worse. Far better for the likes of moanrinho to accept a bit of responsibility for a team’s performance otherwise he just sounds like the hsbc shambles.

Time for another Kliban:

Manifesto 91:

  • stop the horses I keep backing performing like donkeys.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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