Too much beer does not enhance one’s writing

Just returned from the pub after England’s loss to the Irish which has displeased me greatly. But it was compensated muchly by watching it with John. It’s the first time I’ve watched a game with John even though we are both x-players and have frequently met and talked about rugby and stuff. After the game we continued to talk about rugby and stuff and it was most amenable. Also met a bloke called Paul who played for Sidcup in Kent and we have a number of mutual acquaintances including someone we both know as Crusty who has some clown-like qualities.

I really enjoyed conversing with John, it was one of those conversations when you feel you are really getting to know someone and he totally led me astray and I drank quite a lot.

Talking with John rekindled many old thoughts of how in the seventies I thought we might be working towards a better society. There is a myth that needs properly quashing that meritocracy is a good thing. I’ll return to this tomorrow as towards the end of my meal I tried to swallow some rather stringy beans and proceeded to vomit like on Little Britain which was unpleasant for me and worse for Kate. Of course it had nothing to do with all the beer I’d drunk watching the rugby.

Keep on keeping on love Duncan.


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