The hypocritical English.

Just returned from a trip to Creech Grange to replenish our log supplies. It was a little disconcerting as we got out of the car and heard loud gunfire from the army range nearby. We both thought about how it is for too many in the world who live in war zones and for whom the sound of gunfire and more is a backdrop to their lives, what a dodgy lot us humans can be. Poor Kate is suffering from a heavy cold and is complaining about her husband not giving her enough sympathy and is more concerned with writing his bleedin’ blog.

Didn’t feel the worse for wear this morning after naughty John encouraged me to drink quite a lot of beer yesterday.

So today parents and their children will find out which secondary schools they’ve been allocated, I wonder how much church attendance will drop next Sunday? It is a fairly well known fact that the richer, more knowledgeable parents will move house to a catchment area for certain faith schools and suddenly develop a religious belief and they start attending sunday services and the like. Apparently it is difficult to ascertain hard figures as people surprisingly find it hard to own up to hypocrisy but a Sutton Trust survey in 2013 came up with a figure of 6% of parents going to church just to get a school place. It’s also somewhat hypocritical of the churches, especially if they espouse to ‘serve the common good and to fight inequality’ (in last week’s New Statesman, a piece by Theo Hobson). This allows faith schools to continue to admit nice middle class children and not have their schools tainted by admitting lower class children. There are honourable vicars who recognise this injustice: “The whole system runs counter to the Gospel” said one vicar who wanted to remain anonymous. Another reported how last year two families were fighting over one place and it came down to who had the best church attendance figures! As I bang on about to create a fairer society we need to get rid of private, faith and selective schools, the evidence against them continues to stack up and to argue for the current system involves a large dollop of hypocrisy.

Continuing in the same vein, and providing more evidence to my jaundiced eyes on radio 4’s lunchtime news with Martha Kearney, they are doing a thing about what makes Britain, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the World at One. First up was Alan Bennett who mentioned Swaledale, even the National Trust before saying what he thinks marks out the English in particular and that is hypocrisy. For example we extol the wonders of London then sell it off to allow all the private development, that a substantial minority of children receive a better education because of the social situation of their parents. We then wonder why nothing changes ‘at the top’. Both classic examples of our hypocrisy. Thesis: the English class system breeds hypocrisy? Might do it for my PhD.

Then we have the really ugly, downright evil hypocrisy that the current government has deliberately fostered in our benighted isle. They have set out to deliberately divide; condom baldy cameron at it again today saying how they will help ‘hard working’ families with affordable housing. Implicit in this is the ‘undeserving, lazy and feckless’ who are the flipside to ‘the hardworking’. They have used this since they came to power in 2010 and have deliberately targeted the poor, the ill, the disabled with their workfare schemes fronted by ignorant dangerous smith and his henchwoman esther mcnasty. Our current sanctions system imposed by this government as part of changes to our welfare system are the most punitive in Europe, treat the most vulnerable (those with learning disabilities, mental health problems and the like) particularly harshly, have been responsible already for a number of deaths and don’t actually work (despite iniquitous nefarious smith’s claims otherwise). This was from a report on ‘You and Yours’ today and was followed with the tragic case of David Clapson. He was a former soldier with type 1 diabetes, he was found dead in his flat with his insulin in a warm fridge because he couldn’t afford electricity. He had missed one appointment at a job centre he was immediately sanctioned and his money stopped, he couldn’t afford food or to pay for electricity, a post mortem found his stomach empty.

He is one of a growing number who are dying because of government imposed sanctions to ‘save money’ and ‘encourage people back to work’. Little money is being saved and evidence is mounting as to the ineffectiveness of the sanctions regime. Yet the government continue; they continue with their hypocrisy dividing the people of this country between the ‘deserving’ who are ‘hardworking’ and the ‘undeserving workshy’. And many people take this in unquestioningly and become hypocrites themselves, blaming these poor folk as being responsible for their own predicament and ultimate death. The most punitive sanctions in Europe, a hypocritical nation ill at ease with itself – this is what you get with the modern evil tories. And osborne has the audacity to claim that they have done more than anyone to clamp down on tax avoidance and other theft by the kleptos, how many sanctions have been imposed on the thieving bankers? It is all stinking hypocrisy.

Martin Rowson

Manifesto 92:

  • let’s sanction ian duncan smith, esther mcvey, cameron, osborne and anyone else you care to add to the list.

I’m angry today,

keep on keeping on love Duncan.


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