Michael Sheen for PM.

Just returned from my second watercolour painting session, did two bananas and a lemon and, while I learnt a couple of things, found it harder getting the colours, shading and highlighting right. Still, a lovely day in a beautiful house, good company and spectacular views. Gay recommended trying an aubergine next week, they’re supposed to be easier to get highlight effects than lemons because of the colour contrast.

Driving home from Lulworth I pass numerous military establishments and military related road signs. A road I like to drive along was closed for the army doing their army stuff. A lot of land hereabouts was commandeered during the second world war, particularly in preparation for D-Day, and it remains MOD land. It provides a stark contrast to the beauty of the countryside hereabouts, the coast is a World Heritage Site. I suppose the army needs somewhere to train and learn how best to kill and I know we owe our forefathers who fought in WW2 a great debt but the pacifist in me feels occasionally uncomfortable living with such military proximity.

Poor Kate is suffering from a cold, next week’s trip to Budapest can’t come quick enough and hopefully we will both come back refreshed and regenerated. Certainly feel the need for it right now as I struggle to raise either the energy or the will to write anything,feeling very ‘flat’. Big contrast to yesterday when I was really fired up. This feeling continued into the evening when I watched a video clip of Michael Sheen the Welsh actor (he’s played bliar and Brian Clough amongst others) making a really passionate speech in Tredegar over the weekend about the NHS:


As many others have already commented if only Labour politicians spoke like this. Sheen also argues that our elected representatives have ‘abdicated power to the market’. Brought back memories for me, as I’m sure it would for others, of Ray McAnally and his performance as a Labour prime minister in A Very British Coup. He played Harry Perkins an unassuming, working class and very left wing leader who implemented a break up of newspaper monopolies, withdrawal from nato and unilateral nuclear disarmament. Oh if only……………….

Sadly I’ve ‘no beans’ as Kate says and I can’t write any more today.

Ray McAnally(rip) as Harry Perkins. A working class hero is something to be, sadly a very endangered species.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Michael Sheen for PM.

  1. Sorry you human beans are suffering; end of a long winter, after effects of trauma, depressing lack of fire in the challengers to the corporate hegemony as you say – anything good in Positive News? the paper that tries to combat the negativity, like the latest initiative on radio 1/social media – positivity on the internet.
    keeping on with the love. xx


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