The modern snake oil salesfolk.

Just finished a good chat with the Dumfries SNP branch secretary and his ever lengthening ‘to do’ list. Our Hungarian florints arrived this morning, all 200,000 of them, makes one feel quite rich although not as much as when I went to Turkey.

Little to report on the personal crabby front although I’ve been giving some thought to what I wrote about the other day with the oncologist’s frustration and anger at those with cancer using alternative therapies. As I said I can understand people not wanting to undergo aggressive chemo and radio therapies as the side effects are so severe or if they’re told their condition is terminal. What I do have difficulty with is people then opting to have particular alternative therapies which are unproven, may cause their own damaging side effects and are often sold by dubious but persuasive people. Just recently an Australian woman, Jessica Ainscough died from a rare cancer called epithelioid sarcoma. Dubbed the “wellness warrior”, she refused medical advice and treatment opting for something called ““Gerson therapy”, which involves daily coffee enemas, a heavy regime of dietary supplements, and following a strict organic, vegetarian diet.” Sadly she is now the dead “wellness warrior”. As with most alternative therapies they are rarely properly tested, rely a lot on anecdotal ‘evidence’ and, as in Ainscough’s case,  portrayed a therapy that appeared to be working and probably gave many people false hope and more money for the Gerson Institute. They typically recommend a 2 year treatment course that can cost about £40,000 and has so far proved ineffective and you don’t even drink coffee properly!

I’m developing this therapy that involves the totally organic synthesis of your own earwax which must be collected every full moon. The resultant product must then be all you eat for a full three days (only water to be drunk), information and price lists at

Duncan, how can you be so flippant about cancer and death?

I’m not, I’m being flippant in a very controlled manner and not actually ranting about a dodgy racket that is causing much harm and misery. One thing I have learned about cancer is that every cancer is different, of course there are types of cancer that have the same name and aetiology but the same type of cancer can grab people who are very different to each other by it’s crabby claws. Different sex, different age, different genetic makeup, different levels of physical and mental fitness so cancer affects us all differently. I know it’s only anecdotal but a man of similar age has a similar cancer to me, I think he had similar treatment to me and when I saw him last he had changed far more than me as result of the treatment. My point? Even someone quite similar to me with the same cancer has a different reaction to the same treatment. So even if it is the case that some alternative therapy may have worked on the first person to try it for their particular cancer there must be some doubt as to whether it will work on someone with even the same type of cancer as they are very different people. It’s a complex world, but earwax may be the answer.

Absolutely appalling decision by the Indian government to try and ban the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ about the rape and murder of the gang rape of Jyoti Singh on a bus in New Delhi. the film not only documents the horrific rape but also the attitudes of not only the rapists but also senior legal representatives, all men. It should be shown and seen by as many people as possible and hopefully contribute to changing grossly sexist and misogynist attitudes.

Sorry Mike ( and any other follically challenged men) but seems as though boris de pfeffel twatface is also going bald. And on the subject of baldies isn’t condom cameron being pathetic in avoiding TV debates.

And on the subject of the banking kleptos the bank of england in it’s investigations into foreign exchange rigging has uncovered 50 more potential scandals. FIFTY. Is there no end to their kleptomania?

Manifesto 94 (I think, and thanks to Kate): ban all apples that when you bite into them disintegrate into a horrible floury yuckiness.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “The modern snake oil salesfolk.

  1. Is there not a scientifically proven link between baldness and virility? Just look at Wayne Rooney, Reg Dwight and the Cerne Giant for starters……..
    Keep on combing over,
    La Rage aux Follicles x


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