Amphibious buses and smug corpulence.

My last blog before a few days break as Kate and I are off on our Budapest jaunt tomorrow. I haven’t gone to my watercolouring class today as I am still feeling very tired and want to have some energy for the trip. I’ve been trying to explain to Kate what my fatigue feels like beyond the obvious feeling tired and lying in bed last night offered an opportunity to explain. For whatever reason I’d misjudged lying down and lay with my head against the wooden headboard, not very comfortable but in my fatigued state not uncomfortable enough to warrant expending energy on moving. So I lay there with my head against the headboard explaining this to Kate, not sure how effective my explanation was.

Just looking at the smugly corpulent face of martin sorrell in my paper. He’s the boss of wpp advertising group and he’s pontificating on the upcoming election and that it is a ‘no-win choice’ because if the tories win then there will be a euro-referendum and if Labour they will be “bashing  business”. Why is this person given such publicity? He is unelected and represents a very narrow group of people: the kleptos, and all he wants is to continue with ‘business as normal’, and as Naomi Klein argues strongly this approach is rapidly destroying our world. He was paid, or rather he stole, about £30 million last year and of course he wants to keep his smug snout in the trough. He used the term ‘Morton’s fork’ to describe his perception, I used to go to a restaurant/wine bar in Minster, Kent of that name run by Nicky and David Sworder. Reminded me of when I helped work in the beer tent for them for the Minster Flower Show and how one heavy drinking bloke used a different name for beer or cider every time he ordered, I learnt quite a few new ones.

Wasn’t Margaret Hodge, Labour MP on the public accounts committee, great yesterday? She was grilling hsbc bosses and had them squirming and squealing. it was wonderful having these ‘masters and mistresses of the universe’ having their intelligence and competence trashed so publicly. Then having a real go at rona fairhead, who has chaired hsbc’s audit and risk committee for a long time, Hodge said she “either colluded in tax evasion or you didn’t know. In that case you are either incredibly naive or totally incompetent”. Adding that she should be sacked from her hsbc post and as BBC Trust chair. Sadly all this is just words and none of these people will be properly held to account, they’ll keep all their ill-gotten gains and face no prosecution. And then there’s the tories hiding their man the reverend green from being grilled. Still, there’s always the pitch fork option.

Even Cruft’s isn’t safe from the clutches of neoliberal capitalism, as competition increases along with monetary reward a dog has been murdered with poison and a second ill dog smells strongly of wrong doing. Even in the world of canine competition it’s become a ‘dog eat dog world’. I’ve just had this little fantasy of having a Cruft’s like competition for business ‘leaders’ like sorrell, gulliver, green, branson and co having to parade around on all fours on leads and then having to gorge themselves on money and either decide to renounce their kleptomania and pad away or continuing eating until they choke to death.

I’m going to have a rest from all my normal reading as for the next few days I’ll be reading only my ‘holiday reading’ and Budapest guide books. Perhaps I’ll return a changed man and relinquish my blogging rants and pursue more esoteric pursuits? Either way Kate and I will be having a rest, particularly well earned by Kate and we are really looking forward to the amphibious bus ride!


Manifesto 97:

  • keep on keeping on.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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