The truth and onanistic judges.

Dare I start thinking that the title of this blog might change? Donecancer? All through this last six months one thing that’s been consistent with me has been my pragmatic approach, and I’m not going to get too excited and will wait for next month’s scan results and remain aware of the possibility of recurrence. Anyway there are other cancers, ailments and misfortunes that life can throw at me and us. And no I’m not a pessimist but, as regular readers know, I’m not a simplistic ‘positive thinker’ either.

Just had a chat with Jo my long term teaching assistant, it is good to talk about the students in the class, I do miss them. One thing we touched on was the need for much more sex and relationships education and how what’s currently offered is inadequate, especially with regard to relationships, emotions and the psychological aspects of sex. Maybe I could create a puppet show! (read yesterday’s blog).

Maybe if we’d been more enlightened with our SRE and not kowtowed to national moralisers like the mail abhorrent obscenities like saville and cyril smith would have been far less likely. Discuss.

Trouble is those with power abuse it to abuse others. And what a society we inhabit when a home secretary says that ‘whistleblowers’ will have nothing to fear if they spill the beans. Just think about this for a moment, she is saying that those who are thinking about revealing the truth should have no fear of what might happen to them. It really is heaping abuse on abuse, that those who might pull away the ‘curtains of the powerful’ will be punished. Those police who were threatened by the official secrets act with cyril smith, the French whistleblower of hsbc, any number of nhs workers and the list goes on and on and on………

I’m sick and tired of hearing things
From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritics
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth
I’ve had enough of reading things
By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth

Read more: John Lennon – Just Gimme Some Truth Lyrics | MetroLyrics

And they destroy language, grant shapps, is this his real name? When there is incontrovertible evidence of his lying about having a second job whilst being a part-time mp (like most tory mps, and some Labour) he says “over-firmly denied”, no, you simply lied. In fact shapps has so much form on the lying front: changing his O level performance on Wikipedia, using made up quotes from made up people for his online businesses. And no shapps green or whatever your name is, it’s not ‘anti-business’ as you pathetically claim but pro-truth. Still, what does one expect from a modern tory party chairman but such duplicitous shit.

Writing of green the reverend green, former boss of hsbc, when is he going to speak publicly again? Looks like he’ll escape being grilled this side of the election, but should be afterwards. All we want is the truth your lordship.

One thing that increasingly stands out for me is that the baddies I invariably write about are men which makes me think that one way of making our world a better place is to redress the balance of power between the sexes. One way would be through SRE, and we see how much that is opposed by the likes of the mail and ukip. Another would be to get the male dominated corporations of the internet such as google, twitter and so on to ensure that the rampant misogyny, sexism and downright illegal abuse of women be properly dealt with. If the link works watch this link which shows how much male power is used to subjugate women in our ‘enlightened times’:

But who do we have to ensure the law is upheld? Why judges of course and only 85% of high court judges are men (and most of them went to the kleptos private schools). And only yesterday four judges were relieved of their duties for having porn on their work computers, oh how this blog interweaves stuff, and Zoe Williams writes: “four guys failing to demonstrate the standards expected of them in their flock-wallpapered wank-booths”.

So 50% female quotas can’t come soon enough. And for that matter quotas based on education so 7% of all senior positions going to the privately educated.

Poor old Arsenal, another brave failure. Also watched the England-Scotland rugby game on Sunday night and our children weren’t impressed by my language. But it does make Saturday’s games an exciting prospect.

But the tories don’t always lie:

Manifesto 99:

  • quite like the idea I’ve just come up with and will have in my manifesto that a whacking great 7% of all senior positions in this country go to the privately educated, only being fair guv.

So, number 99, can’t quite believe I’ve reached this figure. What will 100 be? I know it’s an arbitrary number but I do think 100 needs to be special so any suggestions will be warmly received.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

2 thoughts on “The truth and onanistic judges.

  1. Really great news Duncan that so far it looks like the cancer is gone. Hopefully the scan next month will bring more good news. Budapest sounds wonderful! I’m actually pretty cool with other people’s holiday snaps so feel free to indulge.. I’ve not been there but my cousin’s wife is Hungarian and we went to their wedding in the city of Pecs, in the south of Hungary (nothing to do with Picture Exchange Communication System – not a hint of velcro in sight!). Loving the blog xx


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