The reverend green speaks with forked tongue.

Still adjusting to Tuesday’s news, oh boy. Still not adjusting to the continual tingling/numbness in fingers and feet. Still adjusting to new hair, it’s thicker and according to Kate black underneath the white. Now that would be weird if my hair turned black, not sure I could cope.

Lovely spring day yesterday, it’s the vernal equinox on Saturday: a regular feature four times a year in my class would be celebrating the equinoxes and solstices. Are you doing something for it on Friday Jo? As it was such a lovely day I spent some time pottering in the garden as it’s had no attention for months and is a mess. After about an hour of gentle pottering I felt somewhat weary and the new me did not ignore the feeling and carry on but downed gloves and went to rest.

I hate the sound of osborne’s voice. And he can’t wean himself off debt despite all protestations to the contrary as he once again abuses the housing market by giving first time buyers a 25% treasury top up. I wonder what will happen to property prices? And how has he got away with all the bollocks? The most egregious example is his “long term economic plan”, he’s never had nor has now any “long term economic plan”. And yet he and the rest of the tories and their klepto friends reiterate the refrain and no one ever asks the simple question “what long term economic plan”? There hasn’t been one as he changes plans regularly. And how he’s allowed to get away with all his boasting of ‘the comeback country’ and the like based on the slowest and smallest economic recovery in history is galling.

I can’t wait to have some tory twats visit our house soon as all I’m going to do is ask what this “long term economic plan” actually is, and maybe ask about shapps/green.

Have ukip peaked? The grinning gargoyle has been awfully quiet lately. Can’t remember the last time I saw him on telly with pint and fag in hand. As Suzanne Moore points out the “closer he gets to power the slicker he gets” and he looks and sounds just like the others, which of course is what he’s always been. Apparently latest polling figures for the South Thanet constituency are showing it won’t be the shoe-in the gargoyle expected, and what of ukip if he fails to get elected? Now there’s something I’d love to see on telly on election night.

So Lee Kuan Yew is critically ill, the so-called ‘founding father’ of Singapore. Many years ago Kent county rugby team went on an anniversary tour to the Far East, including Singapore. At that time in Singapore there was a crackdown on ‘anti-social behaviour’ which included such as a ban on chewing gum and men having long hair. Some members of the committee told me to get my hair cut or I wouldn’t be allowed into Singapore. I didn’t, was allowed in and stayed with the Australian Cultural Attache, he had a very large fridge full of beer. I also remember visiting a museum in Singapore and it had a model of the parliament including little MP figures, there were loads on one side and just two opposition MPs on the other, it’s basically a one-party state. I was almost sent home from the tour in Manila after getting very stoned with the captain.

And a railway company in Mumbai is introducing doors on it’s carriages. Now that would be a shame as travelling on a suburban train in Mumbai was an ennervating experience. I was travelling back into the city after being a film extra and standing in the doorway enjoying the experience when a local advised me to stand away from the door before the next station. I sensibly, and unusually for me, took the advice and as the train pulled in there was a deafening sound of hundreds of hands banging on the carriage sides and before the train stopped a human tsunami poured into the carriage. If I’d stayed in the doorway I would have been carried away or trampled underfoot.

shapps, what an absolute twat.

The reverend green, former hsbc boss, has spoken! He spoke in St Michael’s church in the City of London last night and it was very funny. He said that company leaders should ’embody the principles of ethical conduct’ as ‘big business remains in “the dock”. Ha bleedin’ ha, he’s a comic eh? They have displayed absolutely no ethical conduct, no, hang on, they have if you include the ethics of greed, theft, taking no responsibility and the like. The only properly ethical stand the reverend can take is one of responsibility; his bank behaved, and probably still behaves, in an appalling manner. For example they have been (still are?) the favourite bank of tax avoiders, fraudsters, drug barons, and any other klepto and for the reverend twat to talk in such terms simply beggars belief. Why haven’t any of them been held accountable and if they aren’t accountable why are they bosses? All I want is the truth (and revenge).

Iceland is my new favourite country, they have actually jailed bankers and nationalised the banks and are doing very well now. Much better than our anaemic recovery.

RIP Andy Fraser, he co-wrote All Right Now with Free.

What’s with all the odd looking hipster beards? I blame movember.

With all the madness around time for another Kliban to make sense of it all for us:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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