The exploding grinning gargoyle and a very low ebb.

One of the recognised side effects of chemotherapy is impaired memory (chemo brain) and it struck again today. After dropping Kate off in town I parked, did the shopping in the Co-op and as I was queuing to pay thought that maybe there was something I should be doing, oh yes the blood test. Dumped the shopping, went to the nearby health centre spoke to the receptionist but it was already too late and I’d forgotten the form I needed anyway. Still feeling lethargic, have been all week. Anyway, off for my first bicycle ride in 6 months now, hope I don’t fall off.

Well that was a long ride as a whole day’s gone by. Took it steady on the bike, hard work up any incline but it’s the start of working towards being able to cycle up to the Square and Compass. Kate and I had a delicious lunch in a place called the Canteen which is a welcome new addition to the Swanage scoffing scene, they don’t do coffee melange though. I’ll have to learn how to make it myself. We saw Ian going to and fro to his van through the window and Mike, not Hector, gave us a cheery wave as he walked by.

We all then had a beach walk as Simon informed us that it was the lowest tide in human history, not really but it was the lowest for many a decade. There was stuff exposed we’d never seen before and it was a certain thrill walking on sand that hadn’t been revealed for maybe as long as I’ve been on the Earth. Sadly we didn’t see any shipwrecks or whale skeletons.

Simon’s had what I think is a brilliant idea: why don’t the Scottish Nationalist Party put up prospective MPs in England, now isn’t that a fun idea? Has it been suggested secretary Mark? Reckon their policies would attract a fair few votes.

And what of the poor ukippers, losing candidates, fraud and more racist claims. Almost feel sorry for the grinning gargoyle, what, are you going soft Duncan, feeling sorry for that bunch of nasty twats? Ha bleedin’ ha, I repeat myself: watching the grinning gargoyle fail to win Thanet South will be one of the highlights of what will be one of the most entertaining election nights for a long time. Although I will be devastated if baldy condom features remains in number 10. But with my new privately educated quota system he’d have to make way for a bog standard educated oik.

And bliar is apparently soon to relinquish his role as middle east peace envoy, one of the most superb examples of irony in the modern era. He really is a mammon worshipping wanker and a shaming slur on the once relatively honourable Labour Party (r.i.p.).

Now those of you who think that my language can be somewhat esoteric should read an article called “On Neuronationalism: Autism, Immunity, Security, by Jack Kahn” in an online magazine I subscribe to called the new inquiry as it uses many words I’ve never read before. But it has what I consider to be a very interesting take on autism in the USA and the way it’s currently being managed. When I think I’ve fully understood the piece I’ll give you a brief precis, complete with some long words. Now there’s something to look forward to eh?

the grinning gargoyle and ukippers, deflating before our very eyes. I originally accidentally wrote defalating, now that’s an interesting word!

Words, words, words, where would we be without them? Will Self was on Question Time the other night and he actually only used a few words not typically used in general badinage, but syncretic was one and is likely to be relevant at the election.

ukip; imploding, exploding or both?

An ultimately depressing review of a new book about private schools in the New Statesman by Peter Wilby. Depressing for me because the author argues that they are now very firmly entrenched and very much supplying education to not only the ‘privileged elite’ of this country but also the ‘global elite’. So the middle class professionals can no longer afford to send their progeny, the fees are now the highest they’ve ever been. There were times in the past, for example in the 1940’s and 1960’s when Labour could have been really progressive and got rid of them, but they baulked and now we are all suffering the consequences. Seems that altering things at university level is the only viable hope for progressive types, although they are welcome to use my quota idea.

When are our esteemed economic commentators going to really rip apart s&m osborne’s ‘economic plan’, it’s all made up and not based on any hard figures or evidence. Just give me the truth, all I want is the truth.

Well must go, lots of rugby to watch. Weird the very middle class game of English rugby union has as the fan’s song an Afro-American spiritual song – “Swing low sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home”, I still childishly enjoy doing the actions to the song. And John has promised Kate he’ll behave this time.

No apologies for cartoon, I just can’t resist:

A candidate for manifesto 100 is: SNP candidates in England, any more?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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