Old Harry and beardy branson the klepto.

I am still catching my breath after the most outrageous series of games for the 6 nations rugby finale. There are some purists and old school types who have criticised the styles of play and openness of the games but they were all highly entertaining and the finale with France and England was the most remarkable game I’ve ever seen with England coming so close to winning the championship at the final whistle. Bring on the world cup.

Having watched the England game in the pub I stayed on as there was a fund raising evening for a young lad with brain tumours, the family are raising money to take him to India for some specialised treatment unavailable here. There was a good turnout and a great atmosphere, it’s a winning combination of being in a pub and there being a number of fun and entertaining  activities for a real and present good cause. I felt a little weird as if what my consultant said last Tuesday is true, then I am on my way to recovery and I was at a do for someone who is in a serious cancerous state.

I still have a way to go emotionally and psychologically with my crabby visitor, apart from feeling the lump just prior to being given the diagnosis there were no obvious physical signs that I might be cancerous. I then underwent 3 months of intensive and very aggressive treatment with many side effects and this took over my life, of the actual cancer there was no sign, no symptoms. And now, quite suddenly, it appears to be no longer there. All feels very weird at the moment. And this is compounded by other very significant changes in my life.

So immediately after reading Nick Cohen and our corrupt ‘democracy’ in The Observer today I check my emails and there’s one from SNP Secretary Mark sending me the academic paper on which Cohen based his article, which is real, non-corrupt coincidence. The paper is called: ” IS THERE A MARKET FOR PEERAGES? CAN DONATIONS BUY YOU A BRITISH PEERAGE? A STUDY IN THE LINK BETWEEN PARTY POLITICAL FUNDING AND PEERAGE NOMINATIONS, 2005-14

by Andrew Mell, Simon Radford and Seth Alexander Thévoz

The paper very clearly shows a direct link between party donations and subsequent peerages, in other words kleptos can buy their way into our government. The parties claim that it is mere coincidence, but the researchers calculated that the odds of it being coincidence are about the same as someone winning the lottery 5 weeks in a row, they state that: “Whilst coincidence is theoretically possible, this explanation does stretch the limits of credulity.” They conclusively prove that our supposed democracy is corrupt, and I know that will be alarming news to many of you.

I called Mark and also asked him about whether the SNP had considered putting up candidates in England, he said they had but decided against as there was no local party machinery. Even so it’s an idea to consider.

We’ve just returned from walking along the seafront to Old Harry and his Wife, these are two chalk rock stacks at the end of Ballard Down which separates Swanage Bay from Studland. It was a really exceptional walk as the tide was exceptionally low, a combination of spring tides and high atmospheric pressure. We were walking on the sea bed and we still didn’t find any shipwrecks, treasure or whale bones. We walked with Jill and Simon and there were many others taking advantage of the rare opportunity including John who was celebrating with Adnams Broadside. John was also showing great concern for Linda who was walking all the way round the headland to Swanage.

I took loads of photos and am planning to use them to create a portfolio of watercolours as there were many perspectives, scenes, natural features both large and small that I know I can create a rare old number of pictures to record and celebrate the occasion.

So beardy branson is going to rake in more cash, this time from our NHS. virgin care has grabbed a number of NHS and social care contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Richard Murphy (he works for Tax Research UK) has discovered a number of ‘holding companies’, many offshore, which ultimately lead to the parent company in the British Virgin Islands and finally into the grasping maw of beardy. So our taxes which go to the NHS are siphoned off to beardy’s empire, he pays little tax here with all the offshore companies being in ‘tax havens’ and them being ‘tax efficient’ and all. Next time you see the smug bearded one just think of how much money he’s stealing from all of us.

See sky have already increased their prices to pay for the grotesque amount of money they paid for premier league football. Time more people boycotted the company then we could mess up murdoch and the bloated and corrupt premier league, I can but dream.

Here’s a pic of Old Harry, when I’ve sorted my photos I’ll show him from a different perspective:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “Old Harry and beardy branson the klepto.

  1. Lovely photo, I’m jealous of your sea….

    Draft us a lobbying petition and we’ll all send it to bigransom branson – let’s not associate beards with corruption nor than pints with ukrap.

    Do feel for you working through the well/not well, life threatening/life affirming dialectics…. bon courage my friend. Did the mindfulness book have any longer term impact I wonder?
    Keep on walking away and beside the blues.


  2. Thanks Jo, of course I’m not having a go at beards, ‘cept maybe hipster ones, but I like alliterating and bastard branson is too crude. ‘Fraid i haven’t gone beyond eating the raisin yet, brain’s been taken up with too much other stuff, will read when i start calming more mentally, which of course is is an ironic Catch 22 situation. x


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