Moving into the psychological phase.

Poor night’s sleep last night, partly due to dry mouth but also brain box buzzing too much. Feel that I’m entering a more ‘mental phase’ of my recovery; up until recently the physical aspects have dominated but as these begin to abate the psychological aspects are coming to the fore. Friends and family who’ve had major trauma have told me how the psychological readjustment can take far longer than physical recovery. Perhaps I’m going through some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder? I feel pretty discombobulated (one of my favourite words) and am working hard to try and keep things in perspective.

What is not helping my mental state is the daily increase in uncertainty about our immediate financial future. As I said yesterday I’ve been trying to implement the procedure for early retirement on health grounds as I’m absolutely sure I won’t be physically or mentally able to return to work as a teacher of ASD students this side of the retirement age of 60. Now one might expect a company the size of the one that runs the school I’m still under contract at would, when an employee informs them that they wish to retire on health grounds, have a system in place for dealing with and supporting their long-term employee through this process. I believe it’s called ‘duty of care’.

Now the new head has been supportive during my illness, but now there are alarm bells beginning to ring. First up is the time I’ve been waiting for my occupational health assessment, and the deputy head fired off an email requesting such marked ‘urgent’ a while ago. Over the last few weeks I’ve contacted the school a number of times to find out what’s happening, finally I was told last week that I have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow and that I would receive details in the post. Nothing had arrived by yesterday so I called the human resources person at school who emailed me the details that had been emailed to her. No letter arrived today in the post.

Yesterday I phoned the company that the company who runs the school hires to deal with occupational health matters. I had ascertained from Teacher’s Pensions that they only accept the forms they send out and I asked the occupational health company if they used those forms. I was informed that the company I work for has not bought into the package that sorts out collating and completing such forms and they simply do the assessment and send it back to my company.

I then phoned the HR department of the company I work for to find out whether they arrange for the Teacher’s Pensions’ (TP) forms to be completed, I was informed not and that maybe I could use my GP. Also that then the payroll section would receive some bumf and do what they have to do before my application is complete, again it wasn’t clear whether they would use the TP forms and I know that completing some of the forms would involve getting information from the school and that would take further time and more opportunity for mistakes.

Now maybe it is the case that the onus is on the individual to oversee and make sure the forms are completed, but what is clear is that the HR department has only so far contacted the company that deals with occupational health to sort my medical assessment. There has been no support from them fro me and so far it has only been through my efforts that I’ve found anything out, they haven’t even sent me details of tomorrow’s assessment.

Writing this I think that it might sound somewhat trivial or that it’s essentially a simple process and I’m being over anxious or whatever. But following on from what I read yesterday about Mr Graeber and then wrote about bureaucracy I already feel as he said he felt undergoing Medicaid bureaucracy: ‘dumb and stupid’. But all I want is the truth and a little support.

Do human resource departments and people exist to support staff in companies or act in the company’s interest?

Following on from my blog about personal, social and health education (PSHE) in schools Estelle Morris writes today and how just before the last election the tories blocked compulsory PSHE in schools and they’re doing the same now. The education secretary nicky morgan says of PSHE that: “It should be at the heart of the curriculum” but makes that statement meaningless and duplicitous as schools (and parents) can opt out. Despite, as I argued last week, that the current PSHE curriculum is inadequate, it’s better than nothing. It’s the tories aping ukip and pandering to the mail and ignorance. And we have a duty of care to our young people which in times of the revelations about saville and cyril smith and brittan and grooming gangs of young girls an epidemic in so many towns and cities and more that it becomes an obscene and actually criminal dereliction of care.

But as with much in modern corporatised life if it’s not easily measurable, as is the effectiveness or otherwise of PSHE, then it’s sidelined for the ‘hard stuff’ that’s measured in schools. And actually measuring the ‘hard stuff’, the apparently more ‘objective’ and ’empirical’ stuff does not substantially stack up when looked at closely.

And next to Morris’ piece an article about “pupils with learning difficulties being denied their right to sex education” in a school in Cornwall, probably could be any special needs school in the country. It leaves them vulnerable to being abused (or becoming abusers). If I were of a conspiratorial mind I might think that it’s being deliberately kept this way to facilitate the fucked up ‘needs’ of the likes of saville, smith and brittan.

And on the feminist front guess how many of ofsted’s current board are female? One.

And how many are white males? Six out of seven.

Just read an article about the ‘fracas’ last Sunday at the grinning gargoyle’s local. A bloke called Dan Glass wanted to stage a ‘Beyond ukip cabaret’ and invited all those who’d been targeted by the gargoyle and ukip (migrants, breastfeeding mothers, Muslims, NHS workers, disabled people and more) to allow those in the gargoyle’s manor to experience the “beauty of multicultural diversity”. According to the journalist, Stuart Jeffries, it was fun, moving, spirited and creative, the only jarring note when they surrounded the gargoyle’s car and he called them ‘scum’. They’re planning to go to condom cameron’s manor next.

Still thinking about manifesto 100, no suggestions yet.

Time for another Kliban:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Moving into the psychological phase.

  1. Did make a suggestion for 100th that the party is now ready to launch and the manifesto should turn to action – maybe not theoretical enough…. sorry 🙂

    Re HR – having worked for years ‘with’ – or should that be ‘around’ HR, sometimes even within it, I confirm that their remit is to support ‘business directors and managers’. Once upon a time the team/department was called Personnel, and really did aim for the neutral ground of bridging between workers’ needs and employers’ operational requirements. However, those kleptos needed a woolly wrapper to muffle their barbarity in, so they sacked, sorry restructured, all the personnel people who were in the job because they liked helping people and supporting their development, and employed instead brand-hungry baby kleptos, telling them that theirs was a really meaningful role in the company, there to wrap the axe in pretty material so that the chop would be less traumatic. And the babies, being young and trusting, liked the sound of their role and have been doing it to the best of their ability ever since. The ones who were really good at it became Directors of TOD – Talent and Organisational Development bollocks, and the ones who were less good were sent away to a dilbert-pod somewhere in luton where they could provide their outsourced services just as effectively, they were reassured, as if they were sitting right next to the person. Examples abound in the poppletonian: and – if you’re really interested. Good luck with all that… and hope you find a stray human that was left over from the last restructure, to smooth your path. xx


    1. Jo, just been reading some of Laurie’s Poppleton stuff, very funny. Also read the HR links and they fit with what I’ve learnt over the years. Will keep you posted re. progress, assessment went well yesterday, I think.
      Love Duncan


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