Klepto druggies.

Particularly hard waking up this morning and I had to get up for a blood test (the one I forgot about last week). So I go in to the phlebotomist who I proceed to tell that phlebotomist is one of my favourite words, “that’s nice” she said “as most people think of bloodsuckers or similar”. We chat amiably about words, reading and listening to radio 4. When I talk of my blog she talks about joining twitter to respond to whenever she hears how people’s pay is increasing. As an NHS worker her wages have stagnated for many years, like most public servants (except for the ‘elite’: the vice chancellors, the headteachers, the directors, the council leaders and the like who’ve joined the lower echelons of the kleptocracy). The current government have seen to it that public service remains a dirty term and public servants deserving of only opprobrium and certainly not any share of the loot that’s flooded up to the kleptos. I hope she does add her voice to the twittersphere as us worker types have little voice nowadays as the neoliberals have emasculated the unions.

And then I sit in the car and read Suzanne Moore while waiting for Kate. I know Ms Moore is not to everyone’s taste, but that’s as it should be with an opinion writer, I sometimes even think that maybe there is the odd reader of this blog who may not totally agree with me. Anyway, Ms Moore relates the story of when she rushed her young child to hospital suffering from the rapid onset of meningitis. The NHS staff were brilliant and saved her child, unfortunately not another child on the ward with meningitis, and I’m crying again reading it again now, who’s mother gave her child’s toys to Suzanne and said “Now darling you must fight for yours”.

After reading the story and after incredible sadness incredible anger swelled within me. Recently jeremy hunt announced that he is in negotiation with a drug company to find an ‘acceptable’ price for a meningitis vaccine. It comes down to the ‘free market’ as to whether children can get a life saving vaccine, it’s the same with many new cancer drugs and treatments and any number of other life saving drugs. It’s up to the fucking ‘free market’. It is neither ‘free’, no mATTER HOW YOU DEFINE THE WORD, NOR IS IT A MARKET AS IN MOST PEOPLE’S TYPICAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORD MARKET. AS SUZANNE WRITES “THERE IS SOMETHING UTTERLY IMMORAL” ABOUT THIS. THAT KLEPTOMANIACAL DRUG COMPANIES CAN HOLD THE WORLD TO RANSOM LIKE THIS, LET US HEAR HOW THESE GREEDY, AMORAL, LIFE DENYING BASTARDS CAN JUSTIFY THIS IN ANY WAY THAT REFLECTS ANY SORT OF HUMANITY.

Caps Lock accidentally pressed again there but this time I haven’t edited it for quite obvious reasons. We have sleepwalked into a society that is dominated by and worships at the altar of the ‘free market’. It is sucking the lifeblood of our humanity. We have allowed the right wing fucks to turn democracy to mean the ‘market’. As Graeber writes in his book ‘The Utopia of Rules’ alongside this the term ‘bureaucracy’ has come to define the state or government and is “government interference with the market”. The corporations have taken over and humanity is the loser.

And thinking of inhumanity my nemetic (guessed this might be a word and it is, and it’s apposite!) namesake, and has anyone ever used the phrase ‘nemetic namesake’ before? you bleedin’ showoff Duncan, just write what you want to write and stop this pretentious crap before you drive even more readers away. Anyway, my nemetic namesake, the ignorant dangerous smith crops up again today in an article by the young scribe John Harris. In an article about the tories attempts to destroy what society we have left he writes of ignoramus daemonic shit in February this year suggesting that tenants in a housing association or council property who hold down a job for at least a year are given a 60% stake in the property. David Orr, chief executive of the national housing federation, said: “Of all the daft ideas I’ve heard in a career in housing, this is the daftest”. Well done ids, you absolute twat.

I digress slightly but understandably to have another pop at my nemetic namesake. Anyway the tories when they came to power again in 2010 cut funding for new social housing by 60% and are now proposing that if elected they will allow all housing association tenants to buy their properties with a significant discount funded by the state. At a stroke making what is a disastrous housing situation in this country even worse. They target the non-profit making housing associations, not the rapacious private landlords such as daniel burton, robbie fowler, charles gow, kevin green and fergus wilson, (google ’em) who have acquired large property portfolios, much of it ex-council. Why do the tories have a blind spot to the likes of these who typically charge exorbitant rents, why not pass a law that any of the tenants of these rentiers can buy their property at a much reduced price? We of course know why, and all the tories do is feed them more goodies like the right to buy bollocks, of the recent right to but scheme a third went to these private klepto landlords. An outstanding example of our rentier society. Apparently Scotland has done away with the right to buy scheme, sensible Scots.

Despite all this human on human inflicted misery I am in a good state right now as I’ve just had a wonderful massage from my wonderful wife. She thinks I’m turning Italian as I am eating and enjoying lots of pasta, drinking even more coffee, have bought a Vespa and keep saying ciao bella.

Just turned on radio 2 and Jonathn’s playing ‘My Sweet Lord’, haven’t heard it for ages.

And Tarisha sent me an email last week to say how she had added a written note for me in ‘The Burning Man Temple’ in Derry, and I’m crying again, what a soppy bleeder I’m turning into.

And now Jonathan is playing 1d! And Zayn’s left! And Brand was voted fourth in Prospect’s top thinkers! That’s Russell not Jo, although I think she may well pip him if included.

They should do a bottom thinkers poll, come on you ids.

Manifesto: can’t decide between right to buy from greedy private landlords scheme and nationalising all drug companies.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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