Let’s raise a glass of red to the republican revolution.

Not sure if I feel pleased or guilty. With the impending possibility of some financial discomfort I have just spent some money on a few bottles of wine. Those of you who know me know that I have long had a liking for red wine. In the midst of my treatment I vowed that I would drink less but of a higher quality. Since I’ve been able to drink again I have kept to this and probably feel the better for it, although I probably couldn’t have done this without Kate. Yesterday there was a plethora of wine offers from the various suppliers I have used over the years, I investigated them all and eventually decided against, Kate had said during my research that this had better be my last order before we get my pension sorted.

So, when I check my emails today there is one from wines direct about an M&S wine sale, and what a sale, check it out you fellow oenophiles. Loads of delicious sounding wine at absolutely bargain prices. I bought 10 cases!

Arranged with TAJo to go into school next Tuesday afternoon to say goodbye to my class. Whilst a number of staff know my intentions none of the students do so it’s more than time to tell them. As ever in my class we will have a little party to mark the occasion. I started the ‘tradition’ of having parties to mark various occasions in class many years ago, there were some complaints from certain quarters but I justified having them on many levels, even some educational ones, ignored the party poopers and now many classes do the same. Hopefully this will continue even in the face of ever increasing assessment and other BB. It will be a very sad occasion for me.

Writing of BB the Graeber book I had delivered yesterday is brilliant, well I think it’s brilliant (I sound like that Paul Whitehouse character from the Fast Show “aren’t cheesy peas brilliant”). Being an anthropologist he brings some academic rigour to his writing, being of an anarchic, left wing persuasion he has similar views to mine. But what has so far attracted me is that he is informing me of the history and development of our current bureaucratic state in a readable style. He is filling in many of the gaps in my knowledge and giving me a firmer historical context of the bureaucratic bollocks.

He answered one question I and many have had about why no banker or other klepto has been prosecuted here or in the USA for their kleptomania over recent years when he had a conversation with an economist from one of the big thieving banks. The economist replied to the question of lack of prosecution by saying that the government simply fines the banks, the going rate is about 20% of their ill-gotten gains, so the government get their cut. Now what would happen to anyone else if they committed fraud or stole? Or even missed one appointment at the jobcentre? Or filled in one of their endless forms incorrectly? Or went slightly over their overdraft limit?

By the standards behaviour I could go on a thieving spree, netting say £1 million, and all I’d have to pay is £200K if nicked. Result.

Looking forward to reading charles’ letters. By what right does he perform all this meddling? Oh yes, silly me, because he was spawned by the queen. Anyway the judges made a “step towards enlightenment” as Martin Kettle writes on the day of a weird medieval burial in Leicester, bring on the ‘democratic republican revolution’.

Letters about the clarkson include one from a trio at the Centre for the study of safety and wellbeing at Warwick University. They write about the abuse of women by men, which is undoubtedly far too prevalent in too many societies and groups and does come from “male power and privilege”. They go on to write:”Mostly it is perpetrated by men against women; sometimes it is perpetrated by men against other men”. This is not the whole story as there is also abuse by women against men and against other women. The former is certainly true as I have experienced it, and when I talk to other men and women about my experiences they often have their own stories about female perpetrated abuse. Must get on with my book about it.

Meant to write last week about s&m osborne being photographed holding a pint of Fullers and crowing about reducing the duty on a pint of beer by a whopping great 1p. Can’t wait to join my fellow ale drinkers in our local boozer have a good old session of say, let’s not get too carried away now, 5 pints, and raise our glasses to good old georgie saving us 5p. Like the publicans are going to drop prices by 1p. The twat.

Just had a look at an email I get from the Grauniad about arty stuff and they’re running an assignment for art students to produce an alternative political poster for the election. I liked many of them but this one stood out for me:

Image for An alternative to the Obama HOPE posters of the early 2000's.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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