A weekend break from the blog which I’ve been cogitating over. I’ve been writing pretty much every day for 6 months, enough for a bleedin’ book or two. Talking to brother Mark last week he said that he’d not been reading the blog as it prevented them phoning me (there’s an old fashioned means of communication). When I talk to those who read the blog it’s as if a sort of one-sided conversation has already happened and can make conversations somewhat weird for me. They’re made weirder when I hear stuff that I’ve written about with my political bollocks and such. Whilst it gives me a buzz to hear some people use terms such as kleptos.

Also there’s little to report on the crabby stuff on a daily basis, although there’s more mental stuff happening it’s harder in a number of ways to write about. So there will be fewer blogs for the immediate future.

Anyway the wine’s just arrived, need a cellar!

I’m going to say goodbye to my class tomorrow which will be a moving occasion.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


4 thoughts on “Goodbyes.

  1. Love the cartoon – can I borrow it for the outdoor education work I’m doing? Agree it’s been strange hearing so much detail of your lives, means I talk more to you than to my sister! but really good in helping your friends to ‘hold’ you through the horrors. And I wonder who many other throat cancer sufferers it has helped…

    We shall keep on looking forward to development, arrested or accelerated by this strange threat and opportunity.
    love from us both (ie me and Den, and Indi and Cai send theirs too) xx


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