Corporate bureaucrats, time they had a haircut.

Getting busier as the days warm up, but carefully pacing myself. So, having been given 3 roads to deliver Labour leaflets along I did one yesterday, one today and finish tomorrow. So far everyone has been very pleasant, have not come across any party posters apart from 1 Labour. Have decided I will not look to be a postie post-teaching, the first property I leafleted yesterday had a high fence and gate with a sign warning of ‘free range dogs’, I tentatively opened the gate and stepped into the garden, no dog or dogs appeared but I froze and was unable to walk to the door expecting some massive hound to come bounding round the corner. So I bounded back through the gate and started to breathe again.

Soon got into the swing of things and realised that posties have lots of different places to deliver to and that they have been underappreciated in our modern communicative age, and that privatising was yet another tragedy. Their bureaucracy levels will be expanding rapidly. And thinking of our communicative age and the postal service all that the internet and the bright young things who work with it have really given us are some alternative communication systems, retail systems and online encyclopedias and the like. And they’ve really improved on planned or built-in obsolescence as every year we have to update our phones, which will soon be replaced by watch thingys or glasses whatsits. These capitalists sure know how to keep the profits rolling in.

Bleedin’ hypocrite I am as I embark on becoming a klepto, sold my first 2 pots of unction today, think I’ll call it Unction Number 1, have decided despite Martin’s advice to the contrary to call it duncan’s unctions, have just bought the domain name so that’s it isn’t it? I just sit back now and watch the money roll in?

And the pension money is still far from rolling in, two and a half months after deciding and beginning process still haven’t finished stage 1. After panicking somewhat at the weekend I have managed to significantly reduce our monetary outgoings, Kate is shopping at Lidl and Aldi, no more Waitrose, even Co-op for a while and as I reported, I am still traumatised with cancelling my Grauniad subscription. Whilst I am experiencing stuff I might not otherwise have done and am following some of David’s maxims about bureaucracy I and my family are suffering the consequences of bureaucratic bollocks. I am not angry at those who are employed as bureaucrats but am fucking angry at those who create it, as Graeber has it ‘the managerial elites’:

“Americans do not like to think of themselves as a nation of bureaucrats – quite the opposite really – but, the moment we stop imagining bureaucracy as a phenomenon limited to government offices, it is obvious that this is precisely what we have become. The final victory over the Soviet Union did not really lead to the domination of “the market”. More than anything, it simply cemented the dominance of fundamentally conservative managerial elites – corporate bureaucrats who use the pretext of short-term, competitive, bottom-line thinking to squelch anything likely to have revolutionary implication of any kind”. And it’s what lies behind the austerity bollocks.

For many of us just think of our jobs and how much is now taken up with mind-numbing boring bureaucratic bollocks, but the relative few, the kleptos, have minions to do everything for them. Or the jobs that so many have now: insecure, zero hours, poorly paid, really stressful (way more than the stress I’m experiencing), and to just exist. Still that nice mr. condom will let them buy their housing association property and their kids will have even less chance of having a decent place to live in. So the tory twats propose to alleviate the housing crisis by making it worse. I was itching to discuss this policy while leafleting but everyone was too happy in the sunshine. We should have a return of more squatting; if there were mass squats of unoccupied property, second homes, holiday homes, poundbury, royal properties and the like we could make a start on redressing the imbalance.

So the latest figures from teaching are even more alarming with 40% of newly qualified teachers leaving within a year. Now any sane member of the managerial or political elite would have a proper look at this but almost all are mainlining with the insanity of the cult of corporate management and can only think within these sad narrow parameters. ‘One day we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny’, but not now, although some healthy satire wouldn’t go amiss. Trouble is the kleptos are immune to almost everything and have the self-awareness of a squelched slug, yes I am thinking of bigransombranson. New satirical show on ITV tonight ‘Newzoids’, will check it out.

Just been listening to The Low Anthem, haven’t done so for a while but their melancholy suits my mood.

Still, had my haircut today and got rid of the much of the curly boingy stuff that I hate, made me look like some middle ranking, middle aged bureaucrat. Now I look like a sad old git trying to look a little younger.

They’re discussing on Channel 4 news why there is only one black person pictured in their manifesto booklet, bit like the Dorset Life magazine, actually only a bit as there were no non-white people at all in last month’s edition.

So many manifestos around.

Keep n keeping on, love Duncan.


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