The dead hand of ceos

Well what beautiful weather we’re having and even though I feel a little down, sitting in the sun brings a smile to my face. Not exactly sure why I’m feeling down (apart from obvious financial worries), probably something I can explore in my group sessions which start next week. Having MRI scan on Friday then results a week tomorrow, beginning to feel a little anxious.

Everyone keeps saying how well I look, which is nice, but often doesn’t reflect what I’m feeling inside. I think a little part of it is that with all this sunny weather I have to make sure my neck is always covered, can’t allow sun on it. I know it’s a relatively small thing but it is something that will always be with me. I know I’m going to play around designing and making a variety of neck wear and opportunities and all that, but ……………………..

Off to see GP tomorrow, she’s the one who first spotted the probable cancer, to have a vague conversation and consultation about my ‘stress’. Thinking of my stress I sent quite a long missive to the education director of cambian (they ‘own’ the school) outlining what’s happened, or more pertinently, what’s not happened with regard to sorting my pension. I ended it by expressing my feelings of anger, that I was being hurt and wanted to hurt cambian in response (basic fight or flight stuff), at least it made him read my stuff and changed a couple of things.

So, now sold 3 pots of my unction (thanks Jill), so can soon expect to join the klepto ranks. Have a domain so now need to sort website, get suitable pots, source ingredients, finish designs and promotional puff, think about where and how to sell, get stuff printed, think about production process, sort how to get payments and other business bollocks. My business will be a co-operative so anyone who joins me can expect to get equal shares. Which links with the second edition of ‘Positive News’ which I received today and there’s an extended article about how the co-operative model is thriving today. Will read closely and having glanced through the paper am feeling a lot more positive about it than I did after reading the first edition, thanks again Jo.

So canon Giles Fraser wrote his Saturday piece about the “Time to fight this growing, dehumanising bureaucracy” and in it he lauds (geddit?) my new hero, David Graeber, and his book The Utopia of Rules. I only have one quibble with the canon when he writes about councils and government being ‘the worst bureaucratic offenders’, he hasn’t properly read the book, the worst offenders are the private corporates. Although, of course, immeasurably dense and stupid is out in a field of his own; maybe we could tether him in some field dressed only in his Y-fronts to write out his sisyphean forms and people could come and watch and marvel. Which brings us to another Graeber quote, after describing breaking up existing bureaucratic processes and with some sort of post-capitalist, more egalitarian society:

“Only then will technology begin begin to be marshaled toward human need. And this is the best reason to break free of the dead hand of the hedge fund managers and ceos – to free our fantasies from the screens in which such men have imprisoned them, to let our imaginations  once again become a material force in human history”.

Hey Sue, disturbing article in today’s Grauniad about the extreme drought in California, now entering it’s fourth year. Residents blaming corporations like nestle still bottling water from mountain streams and and watersheds that would normally provide water for the rest of the land and people, I can’t believe corporations doing such a thing. Sums up the kleptos so well though where they bottle the most basic of commodities, advertise contentious claims of all it’s wondrous health benefits and then make lots of lucre.

Anyway here’s a photo to warm your cockles:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


One thought on “The dead hand of ceos

  1. Still reading, if less regularly, and glad that positivism can sometimes be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and put to use.
    Good thought on bottled water – we’ve doubtless all availed at time, but now see one must be as discriminatory in this as the jolly ugly (in actions not face, natch) racist – in that at Evian, where we almost bought a house, the water pours all day and night out of a tap in the village, free for all residents, and in supermarkets costs about 40p per litre – yes they’re paying for the plastic and labour, so less culpable than the yanks in my view.
    Mythbuster thoughts:

    Anyway, having watered the droughty garden this morning, hope the plants don’t get ill from the rubber/plastic hose… an aside – talking to friends living in India I recalled that in ’78 when I went there was no litter, simply because it was all biodegradable – little clay cups on trains for tea that you smashed out of the window, everything re-used. Now of course she said it’s becoming the world’s worst tip. Close second to Bali, where historically they just piled all their rubbish (leaf plates, coconut cups etc) in compost heaps by the village, the practice has continued and blights all life. Roll on incinerating waste for energy, fight the nimbys.
    Enjoy last days of hot spring, Friday thoughts winging eastwards through the blue. On, on xxx


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