Canvassing, hustings and caravans.

It appears that this blog keeps being subtly, sometimes not so subtly, altered to make it appear a little more supportive of the tory party. I’ve done some investigation and apparently there’s a blog altering programme called contribfu2 and this leads back to some shady character who spends much of his time organising a vast online subversive programme.

I like wikipedia and often refer to it. I like the idea that anyone can add to the vast sum of human knowledge but also that there is a form of peer reviewing and moderation. What is extremely insidious is that malign, dysfunctional and amoral people can change things to make themselves look better and others worse. That such people even attack members of their own tribe. That such people when they are found out squeal like a little kid who’s done something wrong saying it wasn’t him and point the finger at someone else. That such a person is in a senior position within a political party says a great deal about that party, and that anyone who votes for or supports such a party needs to seriously consider their position.

Now I know that my tribe has seriously deviated from the path of righteousness courtesy of bliar who still influences too much but there is still, just, enough difference between the main parties. I tend to agree with Owen Jones who writes “voting Labour is just the start of the struggle to help people hurt by shameful, cruel conservative cuts”. We can dream that Labour joins with the SNP, the Greens and other so-called progressive parties. Do we honestly still want people like shitty shapps having power in our society?

Did my first canvassing yesterday with a local Labour councillor, Cherry Bartlett, and during the course of the hour I really began to appreciate how important having such local people caring and fighting for local people is still so important. Later we went to the only hustings in Swanage, Kate joined me and we listened (there was no audience participation apart from some reading out their pre-prepared and pre-presented questions) to the candidates. One question that animated people significantly was housing, not just the cost and lack of, but also the local problem of second and holiday homes. drax, the incumbent tory twat spoke with some pomposity, someone just in front of me shouted “what about giving up some of your land?”, he owns a big estate. He spoke about how some choose to live in a variety of homes such as caravans, I guffawed loudly (first time I’ve used guffawed in blog) and others joined in the guffawing. Later he tried to explain what he meant, but too late we already know what you’re about matey, the twat.

The liberal did the usual liberal two-faced stuff but when replying to a question about food banks actually said that he would like to see that there would always be some people who still needed them, I called out “outrageous” but unfortunately there was no opportunity for the ‘floor’ to speak. Kate often told me to “shush”!

At the end two other ‘fringe’ candidates had the floor for a few minutes. One of them Andy Kirkwood, a local ‘character’ spoke about his MAD: movement for an active democracy which is basically cutting out the politicians and letting people decide with loads of referenda. Let himself down a bit when he referenced a Mr. J Christ (we were also in a church hall) who was also castigated when he suggested alternatives. Messiah complexes and all that.

Thing is he might be on to something. Just been listening to Richard Seymour who’s written a book called ‘Against Austerity’ and his take, like many others, is that the Left hasn’t made a coherent response to austerity and more generally neoliberalism. He advocates more local, direct action so maybe Mr Andy Messiah Kirkwood should ignore general elections and instead focus on doing stuff, as he advocates, more locally and more directly. For example when someone locally is threatened with removal because of the bedroom tax, or is struggling because of ineptly disastrous shit’s welfare changes then locals do stuff to support people and thwart the forces of evil. Owen Jones’ article today hints at this.

Canvassing is quite hard for me as every other household seems to have a dog, one became so incensed with me pressing a doorbell that it kept smashing against the door and when I put a leaflet in immediately grabbed it in it’s jaws and ripped it to shreds.

MRI scan tomorrow, not nervous about that but anxiety is growing for result next Tuesday.

Getting very regular updates from chief HR person at work, better late than never. I also received a letter from the school reluctantly accepting my resignation letter, thanking me for my efforts and could I return keys and uniform. I haven’t given my resignation. Immediately phoned the head who was very good with an angry me and found out someone else had sent it after they’d heard of my surprise retirement party this Saturday, which I know nothing about.

So the tories have finally weaponised boris de pfeffel twatface.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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