Retirement of 79/36161.

Feeling quite weird as I begin to prepare myself for tonight’s do which will be my ‘retirement party’. It basically marks the end of my teaching career, my teaching number is 79/36161, which means my career started in 1979 (OK you pedants will say that that’s when I started my PGCE, but I did teaching practice that year so technically my first actual teaching) and spans 5 bleedin’ decades, maggie the witch had only just started too. That’s a fair chunk of anyone’s life and I’m trying to process it. I’ve been a class teacher all that time, working on the frontline with an incredibly wide range of young people, many different teachers and in a wide range of educational establishments.

I also lived on the frontline in Brixton for a while after returning from travelling in 1987, now that’s a place that’s been gentrified and Brixton Market is apparently a totally different place and housing is beyond the reach of most people. Then, as a teacher I could afford to buy property. No teachers can do that now except for those of a klepto nature running academies and the like. Do those supposedly running London and the country actually understand the consequences of such high housing costs? The tories are so short sighted and ignorant it defies belief as they offer the prospect of people buying housing association properties. Get squatting, especially in all those properties that are empty for so long and especially in the places that are bought purely for investment and then lie empty.

Just read “On the Marionette Theatre” by Heinrich von Kleist Now as ever with philosophical stuff I’ll have to keep rereading until I fully understand but it is a short and relatively simple essay and says much about the human condition. Many think von Kleist way ahead of his time, if you can be bothered check it out.

Phoned ‘Any Answers’ today to try and get on it, to talk about the contrast of the way Miliband is treated when he has a little go at condom cameron and how the reverse is the case when condom and cohorts have a go. It does annoy me how the right wing media dominates the agenda, murderous murdoch still leaving his slime over the country. But maybe, despite the efforts of those such as shitty shapps, all the new ways of communicating means that people can get alternative information. Got some of mine about the shitty one from this blog:

Just about recovered from retirement do last night. When Kate came back from pub after helping set things up I said I didn’t feel like going, partly feeling self-conscious, partly mixed feelings about this retirement thing. Kate brilliantly empathic as always sat quietly with me and we left dead on 8. Somewhat embarrassed as Charlie was just inside door and he was very loud, despite what I might appear to others I usually prefer a low key start then slowly build as things evolve, start too high and there’s usually only one way to go thereafter.

Just listening to Laura Veirs, July Flame, beautiful guitar and voice.

Anyway the do had just the right amount of people and it allowed me to pretty much talk with everyone, a few presents and some lovely cards. Very entertaining listening to Sophie talk with Andy the messiah, she also read out a very apposite poem, will stick in a future blog. A goodly number came back to our house and we kept going until gone 3, still life in our ageing legs. Thanks for watercolour brushes and paper Naomi and Nick. Thanks again Jo for organising.

Talked about my unctions with people and they tried it and appreciated it. I am going to slowly evolve the business, don’t want the immediate big business stuff. Really want to apply my principles and it will be a co-operative, so far Kate and me are co-operating well! Mike’s offered to apply his graphic skills so he’ll be creating our first flier. Still need someone with web site creating skills, although might like to learn so myself, but if anyone in the area fancies joining co-operative to help create website?

Don’t you just despise shapps?

Good piece by Will Hutton today writing about tesco’s and failing capitalism. One paragraph sums up for me the kleptos, the tory twats and neoliberalism: “As a result tesco will have to transfer lots of pain and risk to it’s workers. There will be more redundancies, pay freezes and pay cuts, although expect few parallel sacrifices and pain for the directors’ team. A former HR director of one of our top retailers tells me about the shocking preoccupation of directors with their own pay and bonuses, even as they cut pay and jobs of their workforce. In this world it is the directors who make money, win or lose, and employees who accept more pain and risk”. They truly are amoral, sociopathic, kleptomaniacal bastards. Just vote tory if you want this to continue.

So condom cameron, the bullingdon bully showing more and more his true colours. As Stewart Lee writes “another defeated middle-aged man who no longer believes in anything, obliged to feign conviction for financial gain”. The twat.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Retirement of 79/36161.

  1. Count me co-operative for the website – last lesson on Thursday if you don’t mind a novice (though I do have technical backup). But would have to towards end of may.
    If only the unction could be used to open the mindeyes of the deliberately ignorant…
    Glad your value was recognised in some small way. xx


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