I’ve been really apprehensive for the past few days, more apprehensive than at any other time since last summer, Kate has too. I had the MRI scan last Friday and was under the impression that we’d see my regular consultant with result today. Appointment for 11.15, signed in and screen showed appointment for 11.30. At 11.25 nurse called me to have blood taken for their research programme. As with last Friday’s scan I found having a needle stuck in my arm more difficult, said this to the haematologist and she said that this was common. Veins now not so easy to get needles into.

Back to wait with Kate who said they were running 45 minutes late, the apprehension rose. Just after 12 nurse called me in, we went to wait in the ‘usual’ consulting room, the horrible camera they stick down your nose to look at throat was all ready for use. I hate the bleedin’ thing, it feels unpleasant going through the nasal passage then makes you gag when it’s in your throat. I sat anticipating it while we waited.

A few minutes later the consultant I saw first on the morning we were going on holiday to France last August came in, on that occasion she seemed to gleefully show me the cancerous lesion. Her presence boded badly for me. She immediately began talking about my salivary glands then swallowing and neck muscle damage. By this time Kate butted in and asked about the MRI scan result, the consultant looked nonplussed and went through what we already knew about the post-treatment process. We then impressed upon her that we were under the impression that we would be getting the result, after some discussion she left to find out what was going on. She returned a few minutes later saying that she would have to see the chief radiologist, we waited in the waiting area for about 20 minutes.

On her return she said that there was no sign of the primary cancer just a few ‘sterile nodes’, the detritus left after chemo and radiotherapy. “So the cancer’s gone?”, we asked. “Yes” she said.

We both felt pleased but weirdly weird, not really sure how to describe it.

As we left Kate began texting people, I felt tearful. The apprehension melted away. There will be another scan in 3 months and 6 weekly check ups for a year then extending times between check ups for another 4 years. It is this that tempers celebration, knowing that it’s a while before the all clear but for now it feels good.

So s&m osborne says we have to stick with their plan which has reduced economic growth to 0.3% with the latest figures. Now ‘economic growth’ is at the very least a questionable phenomena but the tory twats have based their campaign on this and it’s been very sickly throughout their tenure. They make an anaemic recovery appear way more than it is and when even that reduces put on another new emperorial coat. It is very entertaining to watch and listen to but I will be so very sad and angry if they get in again.

No update on pension.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


7 thoughts on “Result.

  1. yes!!!! result is right!!! Take it easy and forget abut the government for a while!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!! xx They are always full of ship whichever way you look at it. After all it’s always the government who gets in!


  2. How bizarre that the consultant (“funny” how it portrays such different things in NHS and eg kleptoism…) was so unaware of your appointment needs – yes they’re busy but listening more would be good. Anyway – it’s frankly AMAZINGLY great that for now it’s all gone. At least some sort of purpose to your suffering – the bairns must be over the moon.
    But I do glimpse an understanding of how strange it must feel – it was all so sudden and intense and relatively short and now bathos. The cooling bath of ‘normality’ returns but you’re not the same.Good luck with next adventures, the flying carpet awaits, go in peace.
    Huzzah huzzah, smiling a lot xxx


    1. Thanks for the bathetic comment Jo. Will give you details of website when \i’ve done initial stuff. And thanks again for all your comments, they’ve meant so much to me and Kate over the last few months. Love Duncan.


  3. Your good news kept popping into my head all day today…brilliant brilliant brilliant. It makes sense that you felt/feel weird – hey look at that, just like the title of your blog…! High fives to you and Kate, what a team x


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