New View and MBI.

Busy day so far, began with introductory session for group of fellow neck and head cancer folk at a lovely hospice overlooking Poole Harbour. Then loaded up with logs, hopefully will see us through to warmer nights. Solitary lunch and now off to do some more leafleting, doubles up as my daily exercise.

Back now after curtailing leafleting owing to tiredness, my legs were really ‘fizzing’ as I dub it, weird feeling in my lower thighs, not tingling but ‘fizzing’, it is an accepted medical term. There is a blue painted house amongst the row of houses that line the road into Swanage and it currently has an obscenely large tory placard outside, I put a Labour leaflet in their letterbox. You never know, there maybe others in the household who aren’t tory.

After watching a few minutes of snooker last night and the pleasing defeat of O’Sullivan I had a sudden wave of happiness flood through me. I thought that the crabby one had gone, at least for now and that was good. Started reading the diary Kate has kept since the diagnosis and it made for salient reading. Getting what it has been like for Kate, how I appeared to someone else and a record of how much the treatment affected me (and others).

So this morning went to the Lewis Manning Hospice for the introductory session of what they call the ‘New View Programme’. It’s only the third tranche of crabby folk they’ve had and it aims to cover aspects beyond that which is purely medical in terms of treatment. There are 5 of us, all male, all white (we are in Dorset) and all 50+ in age. For all of us life is now, and will be for the foreseeable future, different and, as the doctor said, is about creating the ‘new normal’. For me, and probably the others, the important aspect is that we’ve all been through pretty much the same treatment. It’s also an ‘unfashionable’ cancer in that it’s had little public exposure like other cancers and therefore relatively little input and support for us (had to think about that last word, and of course ‘us’ is exactly right, it’s me and others who’ve got or had such cancers). One other reason for the group is that the treatments have, as I’ve dubbed it, massive collateral damage because of the bodily location. We all compared similar notes about how we’ve been affected. When I spoke of not being elated on hearing the scan results all the others said they felt the same or similar. I, and I’m sure the others, all felt positive about the group and the importance of being with others in a similar position.

Just watching Channel 4 News and the report on condom’s family money being held in jersey, his old man was an offshore tax expert. Now that’s the sort of family background we want for our prime minister. I really do struggle to understand why anyone other than the rich and privileged support such a twat.

And where is shapps? Or as John Crace has it: A la Recherche du Shapps Perdu? Here’s a photo of shapps at the latest hustings in his constituency:

The shit’s constituency is Welwyn Hatfield and I really do struggle to understand how anyone could put an x next to his name. Can anyone help me with this?

Good economic figures yesterday confirming how well the tory plan is working. Did you know there’s only one country in the world that thinks austerity is any sort of valid economic plan? Let alone one that works in economic terms, but of course the tories know that and are simply using it in their class war.

I’ll have to move on to another blog soon before my Munchausen by Internet (MBI) is discovered like belle gibson. Apparently the anonymity of the internet affords people being able to create new personae much more easily than old school Munchausen by proxy. Doing the rounds of psychological explanation link MBI with sociopathy: “characterised by a pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others. It’s hallmarks include deceitfulness, manipulation, disregard for the safety of others and lack of remorse. This deceit entails repeated lying, use of aliases or conning others for personal profit or pleasure”. Remind you of anyone?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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