“The Soul of Man Under Socialism”, but we have shapps.

Just watching highlights of a Newcastle United game and their current incarnation sums up for me much that is wrong with our country right now. The famous black and white shirts are besmirched by wonga emblazoned on them and, of course, the juxtaposition of this advertising as they are worn by young men earning obscene amounts of money. The club is owned by a klepto called mike ashley, he also owns sports direct, a company that has shoddy stores which strangely have seemingly permanent closing down sales and most of their workers are on zero hour contracts and deeply unpleasant working conditions. Like many large corporations ashley has a lot of money but isn’t spending much on players and the club are now in serious danger of relegation. ashley and shapps; bastard progeny of our benighted age.

Exciting time on Friday when duncansunctions received two endorsements in rapid succession. First Jaike came home from work saying that the wife of a friend of his boss had used the unction on her radiotherapy burns and it had worked well and she wanted to buy a pot. Then a teacher friend reported that the unction was working on her son’s eczema and she too wanted to buy a pot. Initial excitement was quickly followed by panic as I envisaged being overwhelmed by demand and being nowhere near having stuff sorted. Need the company to be bought out for a fortune very soon so that I can circumvent a load of work and become a klepto.

But it seems to be the case that the unction works on radiotherapy burns, eczema and ‘new’ scars. Also that it should work on sunburn and as a moisturiser.

On the recovery front my neck is increasingly painful, apparently it’s all the damaged muscle from the radiotherapy and I have to exercise the muscles every day or it will get worse. Also learnt on Tuesday that I’ve had my fill of radiotherapy, I’ve had the maximum dose and can have no more for the rest of my life.

No news on the pension front, quel surprise.

A lovely essay by Will Self in today’s Grauniad review about why he’s voting Labour next week. He writes about a Wilde essay called “The Soul of Man Under Socialism”, check it out, it’s a good read and still has relevance. Self finishes by writing he’ll vote Labour because of his “antipathy to vested interests and privileges neither deserved or earned, and a strong desire for a genuinely egalitarian society”. Amen to that.

My leaflet delivery technique is much improved. Doing some ‘targeted’ leafleting tomorrow, it’s all pretty carefully planned. And remember this is a “career defining” election for condom features. Anyone seen or heard about shitty shapps?

So all the B’s win the the top 5 divisions of football: Barnet, Burton, Bristol City, Bournemouth and bastard chelsea. Would have got good odds on that. Aren’t we all so pleased for moanrinho, racist terry and co? Writing of odds have made a betting profit the last 2 weeks. Have you noticed how gamblers only tell you about their wins? Bournemouth, or The Cherries, are sort of my local team so it will be fun seeing them in the premier league next season. Thing is the positions all teams end up in the league directly correlates with their wealth. Also apart from Blackburn only 4 teams have won the premiership, it’s boring. Even major sports in the U.S. are more egalitarian than the boring, bloated premiership. At the end of each season the losingest teams get first pick of the best college players so teams that finish bottom one year can be champions a few years later. Who’d have thought such socialist type behaviour could exist over there?

Went for a walk with Kate around the woodlands near Poole Harbour, only just managed to walk somewhere different every week as today was the last day of our ‘walking week’. It was the longest I’ve walked yet and I’m feeling it now, it was about 3 miles, but flat, easy walking. Still getting a lot of ‘fizzing’ in my legs when I walk, probably more neuropathy but it is disconcerting. Got annoyed with a cyclist, he was cycling two abreast with a female cyclist towards us, Kate and I moved over but he didn’t deviate even though there was plenty of room for him to do so and we then had to move right over as he passed. I stopped and shouted after him but he blithely carried on. I wished I’d stood my ground. Probably a sociopathic ceo.

Awoke quite early this morning but couldn’t get back to sleep like I normally do, kept thinking about what I need to do for the ‘business’. Not sure how good it is for my recovery to be doing all this, think I’ll do some sort of plan and have a gradual development.

I don’t think the conservative party can call itself conservative any more. It is not conserving all or anything that is good about our country, it is acting with only venal self-interest. It can no longer claim to be ‘one nation’, it panders and promotes English nationalism. It is now the party of bullingdon bullies and the likes of mike ashley and shitty shapps. Our country will get uglier if they continue in power.

Watch Hugh Dennis on Ballot Monkeys do a brilliant skit on boris de pfeffel twatface: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdP2N1ehBR0

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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